• Mamatoyz: Why every child needs a rocking horse

    We’re all very used to seeing the very ‘traditional’ and ‘British’ nursery scene where, by the window, there is the prominent shape of a rocking horse. Although this seems stereotypical, many of us will be able to recall our own rocking horses or friends that were part of our growing up. Now, in the 21st century, these traditional shapes still are involved in many children’s lives and we’ve taken the time to note down why these pieces still feature in our children’s bedrooms and nurseries today!
  • Mamatoyz: What are the child development stages by age?

    We love our children more than anything else in this world. We watch them grow, nurture them and help them develop into wonderful human beings. At Mamatoyz, we’ve always created designs that encourage healthy development with a guide of what ages can use them. We all need to remind ourselves that our little ones can not be compared to these ages as each individual grows very differently, but they can be used as a guideline to help us help our little ones stay on track.

  • Why every household needs the MamaToyz Casa Pink House

    We’ve all seen the films where the camera pans through the perfect pristine house and in the children’s room is the most ornate dolls houses ever to exist. It seems traditional for children to have a doll’s house in their bedroom or playroom but, is this just a fashion statement or is there a reason these pieces have been so popular for so many years?
  • Mamatoyz: 8 Outdoor Activities for this spring

    We all know the importance of getting outside for the way it makes us feel. After a winter hidden away under blankets and seeking warmth from hot c...
  • MamaToyz: How to transition during Daylight Savings Time with children

    It’s unlikely that we can pinpoint the year and which season we first remember the clocks going back or forward. It always felt like an eternity be...
  • Mamatoyz: What is International Women's day and why do our children need to know about it?

    International Women’s Day is an important event that helps to educate many on political, economic, social and cultural issues that need attention to be changed. Like many other awareness days, it helps to create a collective togetherness that the subject would otherwise miss out on. We hope that you and your children are inspired to be involved this year!
  • Mamatoyz: 8 Creative ideas for Spring Half Term

    As the Spring Half Term approaches we’re always thinking up creative ideas to promote development and have great fun in activities for keeping little ones entertained. We’ve spent lots of wonderful time with our children over the last few years in more confined ways, but now we’re back to having the freedom to go where we want and for our little ones to experience new and exciting things! To get your ideas flowing, here are our top 8 ideas for this half term with a creative twist
  • What’s different about the Mamatoyz Mama High Chair?

    This week we’re taking the time to highlight one of our favourite and most practical designs, the Mama High Chair! This elegant design is more than just its simplistic outline and offers great benefits as your child grows. It isn’t just sustainable for the materials it’s made out of, but the way in which it stays with a family as their little one grows.
  • Mamatoyz: 8 Unusual Valentines Day Facts for your children

    Sometimes when Valentine’s day comes around are children are of the age where it’s deemed very ‘yucky’. Although we like to think that they want to hear how much we adore them, we’re not very cool to them right now and why would they ever want to go on a one-to-one date with us?
  • Mamatoyz: How to involve children in #sendacardtoafriendday

    We love punctuating our months with these different communal events. Being virtual, we’re able to connect with other like-minded people to give our children great experiences and learn about many other things in the process. Days like ‘send a card to a friend day’, are great little opportunities to inspire our children to try new things and get their minds and imaginations thinking about other possibilities for these types of activities if they enjoy them.
  • Mamatoyz: What we’re teaching for #inspireyourheartwithartday

    We’ve been greatly inspired by the upcoming events in February and ‘inspire your heart with art day’ has captured us. We think this is a fabulous day, one to be celebrated and made aware of because of what it means for our little one’s, our older one’s, ourselves and the generations before us too! 
  • 10 reasons you need the Mamatoyz Medium Masa Desk

    We’re nearing the end of January, but that doesn't mean our positivity for New Year’s resolutions has gone away. One of our favourite tools for promoting a healthy outlook and positive habit building is the Medium Masa Desk and Bench. This specific design has some crucially useful elements that are great for children and parents alike. Here are our top 10 reasons why you need the Medium Masa Desk and Bench.