Why every household needs the MamaToyz Casa Pink House

We’ve all seen the films where the camera pans through the perfect pristine house and in the children’s room is the most ornate dolls houses ever to exist. It seems traditional for children to have a doll’s house in their bedroom or playroom but, is this just a fashion statement or is there a reason these pieces have been so popular for so many years?

In this article, we’re going to explain why the doll’s house has such a reputation and how the Casa Pink House takes all the benefits and gives much much more!

What is the MamaToyz Pink Casa House?

The Casa Pink House is a contemporary wooden doll’s house that is made of a unique laser-cut design. This design allows the house to arrive completely flat packed for you and your little one to embark on a wonderful bonding activity of building this new play item. Each piece simply pops out and can be slid together to form a three-dimensional structure. The way that this piece was designed means that the artwork is delicate and adds an extra special touch, unlike any other doll’s house. It feels bright, modern with a classic edge.

How is it different from other dollhouses?

The biggest difference this doll's house has to any other is the stylistic cutouts. These don’t only look incredible but have a practical and functional purpose. They allow little ones to have access to every area inside of the house from multiple angles allowing freedom of play and no interruption to their imagination. It also allows siblings and friends to play because they can access the house from different sides.

What materials is it made of?

The Casa Pink House is made of wood and its design is laser-cut to precision with no sharp edges. The beautiful colours are certified water-based wood paints making them completely safe for children just like all MamaToyz products. Most importantly the design and material composition means that this piece is made for longevity. Whether it will be passed between siblings, between friends or waiting for the following generation, it's a long-lasting choice!

What developmental skills do dolls houses encourage in children?

 Not many consider what dolls houses actually give their children when they’re playing with them. Top of the list is the way that this type of play inspires creativity and imagination. To play with a doll's house requires a child to come up with their own story to animate their characters and they aren’t relying on external sources.

These toys also help children develop their vocabulary. In the nature of the doll's house, there are various characters that are being brought to life relying on a child to give them a voice. Some children are comfortable voicing their characters aloud on their own, while others might need a friend or sibling to speak with but this encourages them to use their language skills and explore new descriptive words.

 Life skills is another thing that they learn. The overview of a home starts to get them thinking about how each person within that household works together along with having their characters do tasks that they’ve seen their own family members do during the day. This also leads to the development of organisational skills. Not only are they pretend playing keeping a home organised but it's their responsibility to look after the doll’s house pieces so they continue to have fun with it over and over again.

One of our favourite skills that our children refine with these types of toys is their fine motor skills. The dexterity they learn over the time that they play with the Casa Pink House helps them to learn more about how their movements can be more and more delicate allowing them even greater actions as they grow. 

Another of our favourites is the challenges of problem-solving. Although they might be coming up with their own home scenarios to have to problem solve it's likely the original idea stems from something they’ve experienced. The doll's house allows them to work through scenarios in a visual way and gives them the opportunity to go over different types of scenarios to establish what they think is best. 

How portable is the MamaToyz Casa Pink House? 

Unlike other dollhouses, the Casa Pink House can be flat packed and moved around. Whether its a moving of home or a desire to take this house to a friend's house to play with, it can be moved around without boxes, bubble wrap or the weight of other dollhouse types. There's something quite magical about the fact that your little one can take this home to other places allowing them to have a sense of security and stability if they have to be away from home for an extended period of time.

We love the Casa Pink House for many many reasons. Its beautiful and healthy design. Its unique build and movability. Ultimately, doll’s houses encourage some incredible developmental skills that we want our children to have. The beauty of the Casa Pink House is that its simplicity allows children's imagination to really go wherever they can possibly think of!