What’s different about the Mamatoyz Mama High Chair?

This week we’re taking the time to highlight one of our favourite and most practical designs, the Mama High Chair! This elegant design is more than just its simplistic outline and offers great benefits as your child grows. It isn’t just sustainable for the materials it’s made out of, but the way in which it stays with a family as their little one grows. This highchair is more than just for the first time joining the family at the dining table, but for helping them establish positive habits and learning their manners all the way until they reach 12 years of age! Here are 8 reasons why the Mama High Chair should be in your home:

  1. For your child up to 12 years old
    The unique design is more than just its effortless style. It features various settings that allow parents to make various adjustments as their child grows and depending on what they need at that time. From the positioning at the table, with or without a tray to how high the child sits. These multiple styles allow this high chair to be used by children up to the age of 12.

  2. Scandi style 
    The combination of colour, material and design creates a gesture to the Scandi aesthetic. The Scandinavian design trait is marked by a defined focus on clean, simple lines and minimalist concepts. However, the main notion is that functionality is uncompromising for its beauty. The design has been continually been enjoyed for its traditional and timeless look!

  3. Made of natural materials
    As with all Mamatoyz designs, they’re created out of different woods and water-based paints. These non-toxic choices are important for all, including parents, children and the planet. The natural choices don’t just look good but these materials in combination with their designs make the Mamatoyz products last, grow with your child and maintain their high-quality status. 

  4. Easily wipeable 
    With the clean lines and flat surfaces, there's nowhere for crumbs or germs to hide. The wood is easy to wipe clean along with the adjustable parts making it simple to not miss any part. The tray can be completely removed and the seat and step sit flat swift cleaning. 

  5. Height Adjustable 
    One of the most important and well-loved features of the Mama High Chair is the ability to adjust the height making it perfect to follow along the journey of development with your little one until they aren’t so little anymore. From 12 months old your little one can be seated in this high chair at or near the table with their own tray for food or toys. As they start to grow and reach around 24 months, the footrest can begin to be used to keep your little one comfortable whilst you do various activities together. This footrest can be continued to be adjusted as they get taller. When they approximately reach 36 months, other parts of the high chair like the tray can be removed to create a more inclusive feeling at the table. Once the can reach the floor, the footrest can be completely removed leaving you with a fully functioning chair. During this, the seat can also be lowered to keep your little one at the correct height throughout the various developmental stages!

  6. 4 seating modes
    Leading on from the height-adjustable features, anything important and crucially functional part of this high chair design is the seating modes. The Mama High Chair has three dedicated modes for various needs as your child grows. The first and most traditional mode is with the tray attached allowing a place for your child to enjoy activities under your supervision or an ideal place to have their food at easy reach for them to explore and enjoy. The second mode is the bumper mode. This allows the high chair to be pulled up to a table so your little one can feel further involved with everyone else at the table and enjoy using the same space. The final mode is as the functional chair. Without the tray or bumper bar, the high chair becomes a height-adjustable chair for ones who aren’t quite tall enough to reach the table.

  7. Light and easy to move 
    Another important feature is the weight of this high chair. Totalling 7kg, the chair matches its sturdy construction but remains light and easy to move around the house. This allows parents to use this high chair for more than just at the dinner table but in other environments too. 

  8. Encourages positive habits
    The final well-loved feature of this high chair is how it encourages positive habits. By having your little one at the table they learn from others how to act and what to do. As they develop further and have more control over their fine-motor skills, they can then be pushed up to the table without anything in front of them to be included in the activities and help them continue to learn in an inclusive observational way. 

The Mama High Chair is a great choice for its longevity. Whether its for a home with multiple children who will be able to use the chair over and over again or for parents looking for a functional piece that will last through the growth of their child, the Mama High Chair is a beautiful piece that will suit any space!