• Mamatoyz: Plastic Free July Ideas for Children

    Every July, the month is dedicated to educating more people about plastic waste and providing ideas and inspiration for changes that reduce the amount of plastic we all use. Plastic consumption is not a new topic of conversation and this awareness month has been growing every year. The detrimental consequences of plastic to the environment has been a growing concern for many years and the future of our world relies on us all making efforts to make a difference with our consumption. As all of our efforts are for the generations below us including our own children, it’s important for us all to teach our little ones why we’re involved with things like Plastic Free July and what it means! Here’s everything you need to know and some ideas to get your children involved with the conversation about plastic waste!

  • Mamatoyz: Are cupcakes and fairy cakes the same?

    There’s something special about baking with children. It can both be challenging and rewarding as well as give our little ones the opportunity to start learning important skills that they’ll need in the future. Cupcakes aren’t an essential part of life, but they do bring a lot of happiness to many people and they’re a great creative expression as well as a stress relief outlet. If you haven’t tried baking with your little one yet, now is the time to start! But with these little treats, which should you make and what’s the difference between cupcakes and fairy cakes?

  • Mamatoyz: What happens at Bike Week?

    We’re getting more and more into encouraging our children outdoors with the inspiration coming from the sun. Each day it seems to be getting brighter and warmer. All we want to do is get our children outdoors, getting that fresh air and having fun. Bike Week is a great opportunity to get together with other like-minded parents and find new activities to keep children engaged and stimulated. In this article, we’ll be discussing everything that happens at bike week!

  • MamaToyz: Imaginative Play ideas with the Sera Wooden Kitchen

    By encouraging them to use their imagination we’re also creating a place where they can build their creative skills too. We have lots of wonderful products that help work on multiple developmental skills, but today we’re focusing on the Sera Wooden Kitchen. Here’s everything you need to know about the Sera Wooden Kitchen and imaginative play ideas to inspire your little one!
  • Mamatoyz: National Gardening Week: What can gardening do for children?

    We’re really getting into the spring and summer spirit. The British weather might be unpredictable but we’re trying to get as much time outside with our little ones as we can this year. There are so many benefits for our children, and ourselves, to be spending time outdoors. From reconnecting with nature to valuable family time, the outdoors brings so many positive things to our daily lives and the brighter weather brings joy too. The sunshine has a wonderful ability to help flowers grow, bloom and bring a smile to our faces and this May is National Gardening Week. Here’s everything you need to know and the benefits you and your family can enjoy this week!

  • Mamatoyz: Get Involved! Did you know it’s National Walking Month?

      We’re loving the spring feeling and the freshness that makes us all want to get outside! Fortunately, this month is National Walking Month. The m...
  • Mamatoyz: 8 Outdoor Activities for this spring

    We all know the importance of getting outside for the way it makes us feel. After a winter hidden away under blankets and seeking warmth from hot c...
  • Mamatoyz: What we’re teaching for #inspireyourheartwithartday

    We’ve been greatly inspired by the upcoming events in February and ‘inspire your heart with art day’ has captured us. We think this is a fabulous day, one to be celebrated and made aware of because of what it means for our little one’s, our older one’s, ourselves and the generations before us too! 
  • 10 reasons you need the Mamatoyz Medium Masa Desk

    We’re nearing the end of January, but that doesn't mean our positivity for New Year’s resolutions has gone away. One of our favourite tools for promoting a healthy outlook and positive habit building is the Medium Masa Desk and Bench. This specific design has some crucially useful elements that are great for children and parents alike. Here are our top 10 reasons why you need the Medium Masa Desk and Bench.
  • Mamatoyz guide to Entertaining Kids at home

    As we begin a New Year, things are always looking more positive but we can’t help but think that things might change to keep the country healthy. I...
  • Mamatoyz: Healthy Habit Ideas for Toddlers

    As we look forward to the new year, we’re thinking about what we’d like to achieve along with what milestones our little ones will be accomplishing...
  • Mamatoyz’ favourite non-digital Christmas Games

    We’re all enjoying the beautiful festive things that are happening across the internet. We get to see other people inspiring decorations, incredible baking and lots of little ones having Christmas influenced adventures. Our little ones too, have had opportunities to be immersed in Christmas and the digital world has brought them many things to enjoy.