Mamatoyz: Why every child needs a rocking horse

We’re all very used to seeing the very ‘traditional’ and ‘British’ nursery scene where, by the window, there is the prominent shape of a rocking horse. Although this seems stereotypical, many of us will be able to recall our own rocking horses or friends that were part of our growing up. Now, in the 21st century, these traditional shapes still are involved in many children’s lives and we’ve taken the time to note down why these pieces still feature in our children’s bedrooms and nurseries today!

  1. Exercise Promotion 
    Movement is incredibly important for a variety of reasons. One of the best features of a rocking horse is that it encourages children to get warmed up and enjoy exercise movements. The motion of a rocking horse is powered by a child and they don’t see playing on their horse as exercise. This helps them build positive connections with movement and exercise at a young age. 

  2. Stimulating senses
    In research studies, it has been shown that a child using a rocking horse stimulates the vestibular (inner ear) system. This is what continues to encourage your little one's sense of balance. Not only this but the multi-tasking nature of gripping, pushing, balancing, rocking and pushing their creativity and imagination are all senses that are stimulated by using a rocking horse.

  3. Developing skills 
    Both gross and fine motor skills are developed when playing with a rocking horse. By using their upper body strength to hold them up, little ones are targeting muscle groups that they might not be able to use on other types of toys. Whilst doing this they are also working on their hand-eye coordination to ensure that they are in the correct position to successfully use their rocking horse. 

  4. Balance ability
    The biggest benefit of the rocking horse is the balance it teaches. The balance between strength and movement as well as the physical ability. These are all crucial developmental parts that contribute to a healthy upbringing. 

  5. Introducing rhythm 
    The rocking horse needs momentum to do its traditional, well-known action. When children are very small this is often with an adult's help, but once big enough, they are able to get the rocking horse to move on their own. Because of the shape of a rocking horse, once they've got this going it will methodically move. This introduces and helps to build upon your little one's sense of rhythm and also the prediction of patterns. 

  6. Self-soothing
    Following on from the rhythm aspect, the rocking horse can also become a piece or self-soothing. The natural movement can be reminiscent of being rocked and a little one can create this motion themselves. With a little bit of momentum, it will continue to rock them giving them positive feelings. 


The Mamatoyz Midilli Rocking Horse

‘It looks gorgeous, I love the bent wood design. It's the perfect size for Lily. The horse looks very at home in our living room. It's neutral, simple and stylish. Lily loves it, she can't quite climb on it by herself but she loves sitting on it rocking back and forth. I can see it being a cherished piece for years to come.’

The Mamatoyz Midilli Rocking horse is a beautiful example of a modern rocking horse. Like other rocking horses it encourages motor skills and healthy development. This rocking horse also has a modern aesthetic which is practical too. Constructed of smooth wood the rounded shape is beautiful to look at and super comfortable for your little one to sit on. It has two sturdy handles that are placed perfectly for little hands to grasp and it has two matching places for little feet to comfortably rest as well. These are coloured brightly to be in keeping with home decor but still very attractive to children. 

Here are the answers to the frequently asked questions we get:

How old does a child need to use a rocking horse?

Our Midilli Rocking Horse is for ages from 12 months old. Other rocking horses can have an age limit of above two years due to the design and size. 

How do you choose a rocking horse?

There are lots of things to consider when purchasing a rocking horse. The first is that it does what it needs to help your child's development and most often the second thing that parents and careers look for is its size for where it will go in the home. There is such a huge range of styles on the market that it's important to choose a reputable brand that looks out for the safety of your child too. With only one moving part, it should be strongly constructed to bear the weight of your child and be made to last multiple uses. The Milli Rocking Horse has a 20kg weight limit and has been made from materials so you’ll have the opportunity to have this item through siblings and even generations!

Whether you're reminiscing about your own childhood or wondering about the benefits of your little one having a rocking horse, there are so many benefits. This beautiful piece brings a wholesome family feeling to any space and can inspire great creativity and care.