Mamatoyz: What we’re teaching for #inspireyourheartwithartday

We’ve been greatly inspired by the upcoming events in February and ‘inspire your heart with art day’ has captured us. We think this is a fabulous day, one to be celebrated and made aware of because of what it means for our little one’s, our older one’s, ourselves and the generations before us too! This day is truly encompassing everyone and joining people together so we thought we’d dive a little bit into what this day is really about and the teaching opportunities it offers us for our children:

Why is art important for child development?

Creativity is hugely important in the learning of children from a young age. Not only does it help them to develop their imagination it's also a key part of well-being. Art helps younger children create connections between different subjects, work through problems, express themselves and provides them with an outlet to experiment and explore. Not only is this greatly entertaining, but it is hugely beneficial to helping them develop their own path in learning and in life. Children have found art a great way of explaining feelings along with sharing memories and learning key skills for their future. 

How does art bring people together?

Art features everywhere. Our cultural world is shared through various artistic means, different arts depict different stories and are sharing learning too. Art also physically brings different people together from all over the world. People are known to fly thousands of miles to visit gallery spaces, artist talks and museums. All of this movement and our ability to meet so many different people through art brings great reflection and connections that wouldn’t be possible without art.

How can children be involved in #inspireyourheartwithartday?

Looking at what art already does is a great place to start for finding ways to be involved with this day and bringing inspiration. If you and your little one aren't sure how to begin your delve into creating art, visiting an artistic space to bring some inspiration is a great place to start. You or your little one might find something that captures your imagination and you want to try at home. This can then lead to creating and sharing your own work. 

What is #inspireyourheartwithartday about?

Inspire your heart with art day is all about finding the spark that resonating with a piece of art can give. Finding the feeling of excitement that sparks a moment of creativity, to want to create, learn and investigate what can be created. Finding this at a young age is great, it then helps develop a healthy habit and outlet for expression. Inspire your heart with art day is about bringing people together to talk about how they feel about art and sharing experiences, helping others to find the inspiration and feel the way about art that they do. 

How does art affect the heart?

Scientifically, art can have an impact on the heart. It has been shown to improve heart rate variability (HRV). The HRV measurement shows how well we can adapt to change, both in the brain and our surroundings. Other studies have shown that art improves the immune system, reduces stress, elevates mood and even lowers blood pressure. A moment of reflection with art to become inspired could lead to a habit that helps positive development! 

What activities can you and your child do together?

Top of our list is to visit a space that has art to discuss with your little one to find out how they feel about different types of art. What they like, what they dislike and if they enjoy the environment. This could be an art gallery, museum or even an artist studio!

Art isn’t just painting on the walls, so if you’re looking for something with a little more movement why not head to a theatre to watch a live performance!

If you’re wanting to stay at home, getting into a good book is another way to find inspiration! Maybe you’ll want to pick a fiction or maybe you want to flick through the pages of an artists work.

Another choice is to try out some new music. Whether you head out for a special event with music or just put something out of your comfort zone on the speakers for a change. 

From all of these ideas, many artistic journeys could be created. Your little might want to pick up a paintbrush, try a musical instrument, start learning dance or acting, or they might have had an inspirational moment from being exposed to so many different types of art and create their own art form all together!

Share to keep the inspiration going!

From all of this stemming from a day that’s spread awareness, you’ll not want to forget to share your adventure with what you’ve created. Once you’ve had your heart inspired by art, you’ll want others to experience the same and you can be a part of someone else's moment. We’re really excited to see what everyone gets up to and how they have become inspired, whether they create something or spend time amongst art, we’d love to see what you do so find us on Instagram and tag us!

We’ve got lots of wonderful things to help inspire your child to play and create in an artistic way. Our favourites include the Retro TV Blackboard and the Medium Masa Desk & Bench for creating artwork. We also love the Casa Pink House and the Sera Wooden Kitchen for imaginative play, acting and performance pieces. We can’t leave out the Kule Learning Tower either. This is a true favourite amongst parents for being able to have their children safely standing at table height so the whole family can join in activities!