Mamatoyz: What happens at Bike Week?

We’re getting more and more into encouraging our children outdoors with the inspiration coming from the sun. Each day it seems to be getting brighter and warmer. All we want to do is get our children outdoors, getting that fresh air and having fun. Bike Week is a great opportunity to get together with other like-minded parents and find new activities to keep children engaged and stimulated. In this article, we’ll be discussing everything that happens at bike week!

What is Bike Week? 

This year Bike Week is coming back and it’s going to be big. After a 2020 virtual addition, Cycling UK wants to make 2022 the year to remember. The week is all about informing more people about the benefits of cycling and learning how cycling can be a part of everyday life. This year the hashtag: #7daysofcycling will be used across online platforms for all those involved to keep up with their communities and participants. They’ll be challenges, activities and other inspirations to help more people get involved and increase their fitness in the process!

Why do we like Bike Week so much?

We love Bike Week because of the community spirit. The accomplishments of getting so many involved when they couldn't physically meet and run activities face to face with the volume of people involved go to show how much this week is enjoyed. Bike week is also incredibly inclusive with anyone, of any age, can get involved and build their love for cycling. The activity of cycling has so many benefits for mental and physical health whilst also being both a solo and team sport. Cycling can be casual or competitive and we love that this week has organisations bringing out useful resources to share with those who want to get involved to bring communities and people together!

What can Bike Week do for our children?

There are some incredible benefits that our children can enjoy when being involved (as well as benefits to the parents too!) Depending on their age there will be a difference in what they gain from being involved and of course what your family chooses to participate in. However, the biggest benefit of Bike Week can be the increased enjoyment of exercise and increase in fitness levels. For smaller children, by being involved with bikes they can work on their fundamental motor skills and fine motor skills from gripping handlebars as well as practicing balance and learning about direction. For older children, it can help increase their endurance, strength and cardiovascular fitness. There are also environmental benefits from using fewer fossil fuels to get from place to place or by choosing healthier activities to be involved in. Most of all families can experience more positive well-being from these types of activities!

What can be learnt from Bike Week?

Bike Week is a wonderful opportunity to learn. Whether it be taking those first wheel turns and watching a child learn to ride a bike or it be taking the time to explain and educate how cycling can make a difference in climate change there's a huge range of learning that can stem from getting involved. If you’re getting into cycling as a daily habit, learning road safety and how bikes work are also important things to look into especially with children. 

What activities can be done with a bike?

Now you’re inspired to get involved, here are some ideas that you and your children can get done during Bike Week and beyond!

  • Treasure hunting on two wheels 
    If you’re looking for an all-day activity, or something that will expel lots of energy and keep children engaged, a treasure hunt is the one to go for. This will take some preparation but is worth every effort. You’ll need to select a route and hide things along it which can be accessed by bikes. Unlike a traditional treasure hunt, this one covers more ground because the bikes increase the amount of time and endurance needed. 

  • Bike ramps
    A great choice for children who are able to use traditional bikes or even Balance Bikes is to create bike ramps in the garden. These different changes in levels encourage the development of other muscle groups and helps to build fitness as well as endurance for varying terrains in the future. They don’t have to be high, just enough to make it interesting and different!

  • Family adventures
    Cycling can change up family adventures. If you have a traditional family walking route, taking bikes can make things feel completely new to children. Bikes also can allow you and your family to explore further than normal and experience places in a new way. 

  • Obstacle Courses
    Another at home, in the garden choice of activity, is the obstacle course. By placing cones or objects, fabric, chalk and anything else that you already have in the home, you can create a new course for your children to ride around and practice their bike riding skills!

  • Remember the future possibilities
    All these activities open a wealth of future possibilities. From finding a healthy habit that your child will love and continue into their adult life to giving your family so many other options when it comes to things like holidays! By building healthy relationships with this activity now, it can be something your family can enjoy for years to come. 

We hope we’ve given you some food for thought and expressed why we enjoy this week so much. It’s an incredible opportunity to encourage healthy activity at home as well as be able to reach out to those who are incredibly knowledgeable to gain new insight and ideas for a healthy future!