MamaToyz: What are we teaching for World Kindness Day?

There are many days throughout the year that are dedicated to raising awareness about important causes. One of our favourites is the 13th of November where we talk all about kindness and what this means for us as adults but also how we can instil these important life skills for our little ones too. In this article, we’re going to explain what this day is, where it originated from, along with some fun ideas on how you and your children can be involved to spread kindness within your neighbourhood or amongst your friends and family. The act of kindness makes the world a better and happier place - who doesn’t want to be a part of that?

girl on mamatoyz balance board

What is world kindness day?

World kindness day was introduced in 1998 by the World Kindness Movement. This day and often extended into a week-long observance is dedicated to creating acts of kindness across the globe, enlightening peoples day. From self-care to animal care and all interactions between people and other people or creatures, world kindness day is about consciously making the effort to do something nice for someone else.

Why should we talk to our children about kindness?

Living in a world amongst others means that we have to not only be empathetic but also make time to treat others in a respectful and polite manner. Kindness is another component to leading a happier and healthy life which is exactly what we want for them. It’s incredibly valuable for us as parents and guardians to explain why caring about others is important and show them how acts of kindness to them feel and how others feel when we provide acts of kindness as well.

What are our expectations of our children?

Part of this teaching is us taking the time to consider what our expectations are of them and maybe reevaluating them. Are our expectations too high for right now? If we have an idea of how we’d like them to act towards others when they’re older, can they do this right now? Should we be laying the building blocks for their future and look for more manageable targets? We all want our children to treat others the way we want them to be treated. 

How do they learn to be kind?

With our love of toys, we believe that toys are a great place to start when thinking about being kind. Sharing is such a huge life skill and will help them to bond and make friendships at younger ages. Whether it be a sibling or with yourself, sharing is a perfect starting point for explaining kindness. If you’re feeling generous too, maybe this is a time to search through toys that are less played with to be donated or given to other children in the community. By taking your little one through this process the act of giving is also an act of kindness and learning. 

How can you get involved?

Talking of ways that you can teach this, there are so many ideas across the internet that can spark inspiration. We love the virtual assemblies that have been increasing over the last few years, this gives opportunities for those at home and children who are homeschooled to experience teaching in a different way and parents to introduce new ideas. 


girl using kule learning tower baking

Other activities to do for world kindness day include:

Baking Sweet Treats

For those with a sweet tooth or those who love this creative process, there’s something special about handing their creations to others. Maybe on this day, you all get together to bake something wonderful and then take them out for neighbours to enjoy as a little surprise to brighten their day. Don’t forget your Kule Learning Tower for safe baking!


retro tv board in childrens bedroom


Teacher Role Play

A great activity for getting your child to show their understanding of what kindness is and how it is shown is getting them to teach you. Taking a role reversal and sitting down to listen to how your little one has understood what this day is about not only cements their knowledge and gives them confidence in themselves but also gives you the opportunity to explain in more depth the bits they might have missed or not understood correctly. We love the Retro TV Blackboard for giving them their very own platform to explain, just like a teacher!


Kasabam playmat in kitchen


Sharing with others

We mentioned before teaching your child kindness through sharing. If they don’t have siblings then maybe it’s time to organise a play date with a like-minded friend to share this teaching moment with. Our favourite toys for sharing are the beautiful Casa Pink House and the Kasabam Play Mat Set (an ideal choice to take to a friend’s home too!) 


sera wooden kitchen with other mamatoyz toys


Play Acting

If you’d like to stay in whilst teaching acts of kindness we love play acting where imaginations can truly run wild. One of our favourites is to set up the Sera Kitchen as either a cafe or commercial kitchen and have our little ones act as though they’re working in real-life scenarios. This provides a wealth of opportunities to bring in teaching moments for both things that are kind and things that aren’t. Teachable moments that they’ll remember and use as they grow!

At the end of the day, doing good feels good. Whether you’re undertaking acts of kindness for yourself or wanting to encourage your little one to develop empathy and other life skills, it’s all working towards a better place for your little one to grow up in and for them to have the best life they possibly can. A happy and healthy world is also a kind world!