Mamatoyz Ultimate 2021 Christmas Gift Guide

There’s a lot of excitement about this Christmas. We’re all keeping our fingers crossed for a safe and healthy Christmas season where we can spend time with the people most important to us. We’re also having great fun indulging in creating Christmas lists for our little ones so they can have a fun-filled 2022. Below we’ve put together our favourite products to gift this year. We’ve chosen two categories for this gift guide, gifts for 0-2 year-olds and gifts for 2-4 year-olds!

Gifts for 0-2 year-olds


child using mamatoyz walker

Mamatoyz Walker

Finding your feet might be one of the most challenging skills to learn. Trying to work out the balance technique whilst making movement by putting one foot in front of the other is no easy task. Whether you’re looking to support your little one or help another family out, the Mamatoyz walker is the perfect product to support this very important development. Designed specifically for aiding a child’s new movements, there’s adequate space for them to step whilst being able to trust the supportive structure. The two handles are perfectly positioned so your little one has the most control and won’t let go. With four wheels in the same direction, your little one can begin to trust their movements and build up their confidence to walk on their own.


mamatoyz loop rocker baby in kitchen


Mamatoyz Loop Rocker

For the gift that keeps on giving the Mamatoyz Loop Rocker is the way to go. By gifting this product at this early stage of life, the parents (or yourself!) will get the most out of it. The first phase of the Loop Rocker is the baby bouncer. A comfortable place to lay your baby with a smooth rocking motion to keep them calm and content. As they begin to develop and become intrigued by their surroundings, the baby bouncer turns into a baby gym. By simply attaching the toy arch your baby can continue to rock themselves whilst playing with their new toys. When they’ve grown to be walking around, all of these comforting parts can be removed and you have an amazingly fun balance board!


mamatoyz minibike in bedroom

Mamatoyz Mini Bike

The Mamatoyz Mini Bike is another transitional product that is perfect for growing children. The Mini Bike acts as a walker to help them develop those crucial motor skills for strength when learning to walk. The unique design can be used as a bike inside or out once this confidence has been established. Made to last, this is also a great piece for a family with more than one child because of its multiple uses.

Gifts for 2-4 year-olds


baking with the kule learning tower

MamaToyz Kule Learning Tower

The Mamatoyz Kule Learning Tower is one of the most sought after products. This unique design is the ultimate help in day to day tasks. The piece provides a safe platform for children to join their parents, grandparents or carers at taller surfaces like tables or worktops. Unlike pulling up a chair, they can safely stand unaided and without the worry that they will wobble. They get the joy of experiencing the best activities from baking to painting in the safest way possible. 

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mamatoyz balance bike

Mamatoyz Balance Bike

If you’re looking for the toy that gets opened with the brightest eyes but ticks all the boxes as a parent, the Mamtoyz Balance Bike is the one! This crucially designed piece helps develop balance, coordination, independence and confidence. Perfect for that boxing day walk, this balance bike can be used inside and out. Another great choice for parents with more than one child too as a little one can ride alongside a pushchair easily without getting tired. 

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mamatoyz retro TV board in bedroom

Mamatoyz Retro Chalkboard

For all the creative spirits, the Mamatoyz Retro Chalkboard is the way to go. With the easy wipeable surface, size and angle, it’s the perfect set-up for the next artist in the family or the next scientist to explain their theories on. You can attach paper easily too if you want to keep their masterpieces for longer and it easily folds out of the way when they’ve finished. The stylish design is perfect for anyone who’s conscious of their home interior too!


mamatoyz masa white desk lifestyle

Mamatoyz White Masa Desk

If you’ve got a little one who’s looking to spend time on their creative practice, next novel or they need a table top for other toys the Mamatoyz White Masa Desk is the piece you need. This super stylish design is an asset to any space, provides your little one somewhere that is their very own and gives them their independence. With various features including a continuous paper roll,  you’re giving a child the opportunity to write, scribe or draw all the ideas they’ve ever had without running out of space!


playmat in bedroom


Mamatoyz Kasabam Playmat

If you’re on the go or you know someone who is, the Mamatoyz Kasabam Playmat is going to be yours or their most important companion. Whether you’re in the office, going to friends’ houses or need a captivating play area in a small space, the Kasabam Playmat is designed just for you. The mat simply opens out to share a little town with your child which with various wooden cars and buildings, enchant them. The unique illustration allows them to come up with their own imaginative play wherever they may be. When playtime is over, the Kasabam Playmat zips up with everything inside and be carried to its next destination.

We hope we’ve given you some inspiration for gifts for your little ones and for those families you’d like to share the season with to. Each product has been designed to help you as a parent or carer and help your child with their development. There’s something for everyone in our guide!