Mamatoyz: The BuggyBaby Outdoor Playtime Guide: What you need to know!

We’re very excited to be a part of the BuggyBaby Outdoor Playtime Guide. We love helping families with their healthy development and hold a special place for encouraging children to be in and explore the outdoors. Being outside has so many benefits. With the world continually moving towards a more digital state, we couldn't pass up the opportunity to support a guide that promotes more families spending time together and getting outside. Here’s everything you need to know about this guide and why we’re involved!

What is The BuggyBaby Outdoor Playtime Guide?

The Outdoor Playtime Guide is a collection of advice and inspiration for helping more families gain confidence in getting outdoors this summer. After a few years of turbulence about being in public spaces, many families have chosen to spend more time indoors for safety. This habit has led into 2022, but with complete freedom, we want to help break this hesitancy to get outdoors because our children will be missing out on critical developmental milestones if we continue in this way. The guide also has products from various brands (including us!) that seamlessly encourage children outdoors for their healthy and entertaining features. 

Why did we want to be involved in the Outdoor Playtime Guide?

We’ve of course noticed the continued trend in children spending more time inside on screens. All of our styles of products include natural materials and rely on children to get them moving and be creative. This non-reliance on digital opens up so many opportunities to be free and push creativity. Children have to use their imagination to get the most out of these pieces and we’re always coming up with new ideas of how parents can create activities to encourage this type of play. 

What was our participation in the Outdoor Playtime Guide?

We’ve been fortunate enough to be involved with BuggyBaby’s guide with both products and written content. They used our written pieces on healthy development as well as ideas of how to get children excited about getting outside. We passed our products on to some extraordinary content creators who made new images of their children getting out and enjoying these pieces in the sunshine. For us, what our main objective of creating these pieces are, was to ensure that whether you’re indoors or out, you can be learning new developmental skills. This new guide shows families across the UK new ideas on how these pieces can be used outdoors and why you should be doing so!

What MamaToyz pieces are involved?

  • The Kasabam Play Mat Set The Kasabam Play Mat Set is the perfect choice for on the go entertainment, wherever you might be. It’s easily portable and all the individual pieces zip into a convenient bag with handles. This means that whether you're heading out to the beach or to a friend's garden, you can take something that can be played with by one or more children. It’s also super easy to clean!
  • The Balance Bike The Balance Bike remains a firm favourite for encouraging new skills and active playtime outdoors. The style of bike is the perfect step before riding a traditional bike as it encourages the skill of balancing which is crucial before learning how to use pedals. It’s great for walks as well as it can help little ones cover more distance without getting so tired. 
  • The Kule Learning Tower The Kule Learning Tower was an unusual but great addition. Children had great fun helping parents create picnics in the kitchen to take out with the family, and we also saw the Kule Learning Tower outdoors to help do activities like hanging bird feeders and creating art across walls. This versatile piece is the perfect choice for helping little ones reach higher places safely wherever that might be!
  • You’ll also see the Medium Masa Desk & Bench and Racer Ride-On, but you’ll have to see the guide for yourself for why these were involved too!

Why is getting outdoors good for children?

There are a lot of benefits to children getting outdoors. From better sleep, increased fitness and curiosity, developmental skills are always being healthily encouraged when children get outside. We also love the social aspect of getting outdoors and welcome the opportunity for our little ones to get involved with others and learn skills around this too. Being outside also shows our children the natural environment. With so many changes occurring and at a rapid pace, having this generation know what the natural world is supposed to be like and learn why we’re trying to protect it can help them have a happier and healthier future. 

We’re really pleased to be a part of this campaign and hope that it brings inspiration to many households across the UK to get outside and enjoy nature once again. We’ll be sharing lots of this new imagery and ideas on our social media so don’t forget to keep up to date with us there. 

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