MamaToyz: Imaginative Play ideas with the Sera Wooden Kitchen

We’re always looking for interesting and unique ways to bring our children enjoyment whilst encouraging their developmental skills too. When it comes to imaginative play, we can often see progress in both these areas. Children have great fun using their imagination to bring new ideas to playtime whilst certain movements can help them with their fine and gross motor skills. By encouraging them to use their imagination we’re also creating a place where they can build their creative skills too. We have lots of wonderful products that help work on multiple developmental skills, but today we’re focusing on the Sera Wooden Kitchen. Here’s everything you need to know about the Sera Wooden Kitchen and imaginative play ideas to inspire your little one!

What is the Sera Wooden Kitchen? 

The Sera Wooden Kitchen is a beautiful freestanding play area for children from two years old. The simple design brings together all the essential elements of a kitchen into a walk around play piece. The retro style makes the kitchen piece suitable to fit into any home aesthetic. The Sera Wooden Kitchen arrives flat packed to your door but its simple construction is an ideal activity to get your little one involved with and will build their enthusiasm to want to play with the piece. Containing all the essential replications of a kitchen the piece features a mini hob, sink, pots for storing accessories as well as shelves and painted elements to create a kingdom to play with. The construction has been designed to last as it is wooden and it can be passed on once a child has grown passed the age of wanting to play with it. There are so many ideas that can be utilised with this piece, families have even used the storage pots to grow herbs in for their children to feel even more like their in a kitchen but providing the family kitchen with fresh herbs for wholesome and healthy cooking!

Why is imaginative play an important part in development?

Imaginative play also called pretend play has been defined as a crucial part of development for children due to them learning about themselves, others, social interaction and emotions whilst building on their knowledge and skills. Specifically, imaginative play helios children learn life skills for their future. They create scenarios where they have to think of others' feelings, negotiation, alternate perspectives on situations and move their knowledge to be able to come up with new solutions. They’ll also be developing plans, balancing ideas when playing collaboratively, understanding the roles and tasks for themselves and others, but most importantly practising and perfecting their listening, thinking and speaking skills. 

Why is the Sera Wooden Kitchen good for imaginative play?

The Sera Wooden Kitchen provides the perfect platform for imaginative play. When using this toy, children are instantly coming up with their own role-playing games that can be both independent and with others. Every time you’re little one visits the kitchen, they’ll be thinking of new ideas and can also be encouraged to work on different scenarios by simply being gifted props that might be in the home already. From cafes to pizza shops, this little kitchen can be anything their heart desires and will never be the same adventure twice!

What activities can be done with the Sera Wooden Kitchen?

If you're looking to give your little one a change and encourage them to play in a new way, here are some of our favourite ideas:

  • Indoor Playroom 
    When the Sera Wooden Kitchen is put into a playroom, placement can do a lot of things. For tidiness and convenience, we all place it against a wall. But, by bringing it into the centre of the room when your little one wants to play, they then have full range to go around the kitchen and get as involved as possible. 

  • Independent Play
    Learning to play independently is such an important skill. Because of the larger nature of the kitchen in comparison to other toys, independent play can be more exciting than normal. Bringing teddies and other characters to join the party can be a great way to encourage all the benefits of imaginative play when your child is on their own. 

  • Collaborative Play
    Inviting friends to play is a great choice too and rest assured, you won’t be hearing a peep when they get to join in with this piece. The nature of the design allows multiple children to play at the same time and if there is a large group they can even have waiters and customers to a restaurant of their imagination!

  • Acting Performances
    Another favourite idea of ours is to allow them to use the kitchen for performances. Let them spend the day practicing their own play whether directly made up by them or ideas taken from a book and brought to life. At the end of the day, they can perform their acts to you and help bring it to life by using the kitchen as a prop. 

  • Playing Outdoors 
    A change of scenery can really change how the kitchen is played with. By taking it outside on a dry and sunny day, your little one has to think of scenarios that are appropriate for the new coitions. Will they run an outdoor BBQ kitchen, will it be fast food, will it be upscale afternoon teas?

We hope there has been some inspiration for both yourself and your little one in our article. The Sera Wooden Kitchen is a beautiful piece that can bring so much joy to children. It’s perfect for encouraging healthy development as well as being entertaining for long periods of time!