Mamatoyz: How to involve children in #sendacardtoafriendday

We love punctuating our months with these different communal events. Being virtual, we’re able to connect with other like-minded people to give our children great experiences and learn about many other things in the process. Days like ‘send a card to a friend day’, are great little opportunities to inspire our children to try new things and get their minds and imaginations thinking about other possibilities for these types of activities if they enjoy them. We’re helping to encourage their development as well as finding new sources of passions and hobbies they might want to explore and do as they grow up. So, here are the questions we’ll be asking our little ones to get them involved in this creative day:

Who are they going to send it to?

The starting point of a mini-project like this is to decide who the recipient will be. Like any artistic venture, the audience is key! This will help them establish what content they wish to create for that person or people. If it’s going to a family member like a grandparent, they might wish to create something that shares a memory that they’ve had and tell them about recent school activities. If they want to send a card to a close friend, maybe they want to create an image around something they have in common and therefore the reason they are close. If it’s going to a family friend who lives far away, maybe they want to create an image of your family at this time as a kind of time capsule! But, they also have the opportunity to send something to an idol of theirs. Someone they look up to and maybe want to be friends with, they can discuss what they like about them and why they would make great friends!

How is it going to get to them?

Moving away from the art side of things another great moment of development is having your little one work out the logistics of how this card will get to the recipient. Will they send it virtually and if they do, how will they make their card digital? Are they going to mail their card traditionally and what postbox will they go to to do this, will you plan a little family walk for them to do so? Or will they hand-deliver their card?

We love using the Retro TV Blackboard to outline all the ideas so your little one can see every option they have after working through it with you to make a decision. 

What sentiment are they going to send?

Whoever they’ve chosen to send their card to, a great way to help direct their creativity is to discuss the sentiment and reasoning for sending the card so your little one can design something for that reason. It might be a birthday, a celebratory event, a catch up of current life, telling someone about an achievement of theirs or even a recent house move requiring a house warming card! No matter what sentiment it is, even if it’s just to say hello, this gives them a little bit of structure to help their direction and remove any frustration that might come from working on a blank piece of paper. 

We love the Medium Masa Desk & Bench and using its special paper roll for your little one to write down and illustrate their ideas to be able to make an informed decision before moving on to the next step!

How will they decorate their card?

Photography adventures

Maybe recently you’ve been on a little adventure and have pictures that your little one wants to use or they want to have a look through images over the last few years to choose something to share. They might even wish to go out and take pictures specifically for this card or they might want to take the time to put together a staged scene to take photos of.

Painting or Drawing

They might want to take the traditional route of sitting down with an array of different artists materials to make their very own creation. This could be them recalling a memory of an event or coming up with something of their very own imagination. 


If they’re old enough to use other artists materials, maybe they want to spend some time cutting and creating shapes out of different things. From recycled paper to old photographs they can create a montage of different things to share. 

Will they wait for a response?

Another key thought is about whether they’ll wait for a response. This is where you might need to have a little intervention to avoid any disappointment. If your little one has chosen to send a card to a family member or friend then you could send a message once they’ve received it asking if they would like to respond and then building the anticipation of receiving a letter back. This could bring them a new hobby of sending letters too! If they’ve chosen to send a letter to someone they haven’t met or an idol of there's then it's worth explaining that they might not receive a response to ensure they don’t have any disappointment but it would be a wonderful thing if they did respond. 

Share to keep the inspiration going!

We’ve taken great inspiration from this day and love the kindness aspect. We also love building on this community of like-minded people, so if you’re getting involved be sure to send us a message or tag us on Instagram so we can all join together and see what everyone’s been up to. This will also help others wanting to get involved get inspiration to share with their children, and who knows, maybe they’ll be able to find a pen pal to keep up this fabulous hobby!