Mamatoyz: Healthy Habit Ideas for Toddlers

As we look forward to the new year, we’re thinking about what we’d like to achieve along with what milestones our little ones will be accomplishing. We don’t want to burden them with specific targets but we want to keep encouraging their healthy development in a really fun and enjoyable way. We know how different our little ones can change in a short period of time so we aren’t able to set goals for the year because their tastes and personalities will have grown out of what we think now. We also don’t want to outline developmental goals because we know that sometimes they will exceed them and other times it might take them a little longer to reach them. So without giving them any unnecessary pressure, we’ve devised a wonderful list of healthy habits that you can include in your year that will encourage their development and skills!

Our favourite healthy habits are the physical ones. These encompass the development of motor skills along with mental stimulation and learning all whilst forming healthy connections with exercise and movement. This connection is important for our little one’s future. It’s a crucial component for them to have a happy and healthy lifestyle as they grow up and beyond the time that they live in our homes. We want to set them up for the greatest success and crating these habits now will truly help!


childs balance bike


1. Bike Riding 

A favourite activity that families love to do is bike riding. Whether the whole family rides bikes or just the little ones as the adults walk so they can have even more fun or don’t get tired on longer days out. Learning to ride a bike is a wonderful part of growing up and something you might remember during your childhood too. In recent studies, it has been shown that the most difficult part of learning to ride a bike is when stabilisers come off because the child hasn’t learnt the crucial balancing skill to be able to successfully ride a bike. Therefore, to give your little one the best chance and confidence of being successful in riding a bike the first time, giving them a Balance Bike to learn on first is a great option. They can learn the balance skill, indoors and outdoors, and use it alongside your walks!

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2. Ride Ons

Similar to the balance bike, ride ons are a great choice for encouraging physical development and strength. They come in such a huge variety so you’ll always be able to find the perfect choice for your little one. With four wheels, they are sturdy and safe for little ones to learn about momentum and direction. Although maybe not strictly a habit, encouraging your little one to imaginatively play with toys that encourage them to move still helps to begin the habit of exercise in their daily routine!

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child using mamatoyz balance board


3. Balance Board

If you’re lucky enough to own the Loop Large Baby Nest for the first 12 months of your little one’s life, this fabulous design turns into a balance board for them to use specifically for developing motor skills in a fun way. There are so many ways that this can be used within games or on its own for great fun but also learning. Just like a traditional stretching exercise routine for adults, the balance board could be a daily used piece to help them develop skills for being anything they want to be! From surfer to skater, they can pretend to be any of their idols!

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4. Healthy Cooking

If they want to grow big and strong to have wonderful adventures, it's important that they fuel their bodies with the best nutrition. The idea of balancing nutrients will be for us to do, but having your little one involved in creating healthy meals is a great way for them to learn this healthy habit to nurture their bodies and minds. They’ll be able to learn how their favourite meals are made with wonderful fruits, veggies and everything else! We love the Kule Learning Tower for having our little ones safely at the right height to learn about food in the kitchen!


child using mamatoyz masa desk


5. Creative Drawing

Looking after their physical health is a healthy habit and looking after their minds too. Creating time for your little one to draw or write their feelings is another healthy habit we like to encourage. It introduces them to be open and honest about their feelings so as they grow they find it easy and helpful to talk and communicate with you if they’re having any trouble at school or anywhere else. We love the Retro TV Blackboard for drawings that can be rubbed away and changed numerous times and the Medium Masa Desk & Bench for quiet reflection time!

We hope there are some ideas here that you’ll implement in 2022 to help your little one develop healthy habits for their future. We also hope it sparks some ideas for things that you’d like to implement for both you and your little one so you can have the healthiest year. 

If you want to share any of your healthy habits that you and your little one will be up to, we’d love to see them. Tag us @mamatoyz_uk and join other parents and guardians who are all coming together in this positive place!