MamaToyz’ guide to keeping toys sanitary

Keeping toys sanitary is on our minds. The world has changed multiple times over the last year or two. Even though we keep everything as clean as we can, a new type of clean has overcome us. With restrictions lifting a new type of trepidation is occurring; we want our children to be social but we of course don’t want them to become unwell because of it. 


As we become more relaxed about being able to spend time with others we still want to make sure that our families stay healthy and this means keeping toys sanitary. In this post, we’re going to talk about the easy ways to clean toys to keep your mind at rest!


Frequency of cleaning has obviously increased. It might have relaxed a little in comparison to the beginning of the first lockdown, but we can see the humour of this now (even if we were frantic at the time!) As we return to a more normal pace of life we still want to be able to clean as effectively but more efficiently. 


You might be considering purchasing new toys, maybe it’s a birthday, special occasion or you just enjoy treating your little one. With cleanliness in mind, you’ll be thinking that you want to purchase new toys that can be easily cleaned along with everything else. You don’t need to compromise on the toy because of the material it’s made of. You’ve got many options on how to keep these pieces sanitary.


playmat in child's bedroom



If you're here because you are in need of ideas for older toys, we’ve got you covered too! Our little ones have favourites and if you didn’t happen to buy multiples after you realised this, keeping these sanitary is as big a worry as keeping them in one piece! Soft toys, little toys and toys with intricate parts can all be complicated to clean and one sneeze can make your skin crawl. But rest assured with our tips, everything can remain clean easily and simply!

Keeping toys sanitary is easy!




Your dishwasher is your best friend. Solid plastic toys can go on the top shelf. If they’re small then place them in a mesh bag to prevent them from flying around too much, otherwise select your normal or sanitising cycle and let them dry in the heat or leave them on the draining board to air. 


Washing Machine


Soft toys need a little more of a gentle time. Some may be able to go in with your normal washing, so check the labels. For those that need a little extra care, place in a pillowcase first and avoid tumble drying.

Top tip: use a hairdryer on low to re-texturise fur!


Hand washing


Some toys just aren’t going to make a commercial cycle, are too valuable to try, or are just too delicate to begin with. You’ll want to apply a warm, soapy cloth across the toy followed by wiping away the soap with a clean damp cloth. To sanitise these toys you need to reach a high heat. A great option is to use a clothes steamer. You can reach the temperature needed to eradicate any bacteria or allergens without soaking the toys and ruining stitching. Use a hoover to then draw out any excess moisture and leave to dry!


Electronic Toys


We need to be careful around cleaning electronic toys because we don’t want to make them dangerous by introducing water to their mechanisms. They can easily be wiped down with sanitisers after they've been unplugged or their batteries removed. Alcohol wipes are also a good option to reduce the amount of moisture near the toy, just be sure to wipe with a clean cloth after!


Wooden Toys

Our favourite! With most of the MamaToyz collection you will have had to assemble them yourself, which means that you can disassemble them to reach any nooks that you might not be able to on other toys. Similar to electronic toys it's best not to saturate them with water otherwise you risk warping the porous material. Go back to the alcohol wipes or sprays that allow you to disinfect the surface and then wipe away. 

 girl in wooden high chair


Just like the MamaToyz Mama High Chair, various products are designed out of wood that can be wiped clean to keep them sanitised easily. Whilst MamaToyz Racer Ride-On is the perfect example of a toy that can be disassembled if needed for thorough cleaning. And - if you ever need help to put it back together all our instruction manuals are on our website!


Sanitising on the go 


Keeping toys sanitary whilst out and about doesn't have to be difficult. Supplies of wipes and sanitiser make it easy. Taking a spare bag to wrap up any toys you're concerned about to be dealt with at home can reduce stress too!

There are differences in the type of cleaning you’ll want to do with your children’s toys. Simple cleaning needs to occur regularly where you’re just removing dirt and daily stains, followed by sanitising to kill bacteria and germs. Less frequently but importantly, toys should be disinfected. This kills 99.999% of viruses that we don’t want around our little ones!


There’s no stopping the common cold or mild flu, but regular cleaning of toys if your child is unwell will help reduce the likelihood of anyone else getting unwell. Don’t forget once they’ve recovered everything will need to be done again!