Mamatoyz guide on how to teach little ones to have a safe and happy Halloween!

It’s October and that means we’re nearing one of our favourite times of the year, Halloween. We’re fortunate that this year we’ll be able to gather friends and family together to enjoy this event, but there are certain things we should teach our little ones beforehand to ensure they have a safe and fun time.

Our little ones love our time and attention even if we are trying to teach them something. With some imaginative play, we’re gifted the perfect opportunity to teach them everything they need to know when going out trick or treating to keep them safe. With costumes being bought and made in incredibly creative ways, they’ll adore the opportunity to get dressed up early. Below we’ve outlined the most important things that need to be taught to keep your little one safe and your neighbours happy too! 

How to approach a house

A great indoor activity (or outdoor if you want it to be incredibly realistic!) teaching your little ones how to approach someone elses home. On the night of Halloween, it can all be very exciting. Sometimes this excitement comes out as louder noises and less consciousness to their own movements. We love that they get to have so much fun, but we’d prefer it if they didn’t trample our neighbour’s flowers in the process. So we want to make sure they understand and are in the habit of remaining excited but being responsible and respectful of themselves and other people’s properties. Sometimes, this excitement also comes out in excessive and loud knocking on doors, it is an exciting moment and the anticipation is an important part of why they love this day so much, but little knocks are much more polite!

How to talk to adults

Once they’ve knocked on a door they don’t know who will answer, but it’s very likely it’s someone senior to them. This is an important moment to go over. Although the chances are if a child isn’t as polite as they could be, they’ll still receive treats, it’s not something that you’ll want to be reinforced. We all want our children to use their manners to be polite and respectful to others and this day gives us all the perfect opportunity to have our little ones practice their skills. Being reminded of please and thank yous along with how they greet new people is a must!


mamatoyz kasabam play mat set on floor of kitchen

How to cross the road

Another really crucial thing to go over at this time of year is crossing the road. With all the excitement about getting to the next house and being surrounded by friends, we don’t want anyone to forget about their road safety. It’s likely, but shouldn’t be relied on, that on the evening of Halloween, most people will be at home or very conscious that little ones are roaming the streets unlike any other day of the year. Going back to basics might be a little boring, but is fundamental. We like using their own toys to help give them an overview of what they need to remember, our favourite being the Kasabam Play Mat Set. It can be placed on a table or on the floor and is captivating whilst being incredibly practical for this cause. The easy visual nature of the roads and the three-dimensional characters make explaining road safety easy. Your little one gets the opportunity to be both the car and themselves on the street, ask questions about how to remain safe and you’re able to go through scenarios that they might encounter.

What to do if you lose your friend 

It’s unlikely that you’ll not be supervising your child but they might go trick or treating with friends. With everyone dressed up, a preoccupied child admiring their acquired treats could for a moment lose you or their friends. It’s important prior to them going out to explain what they need to do if this happens. Whether you give them a device for the evening so they have easy contact if something happens or whether you plan your route in advance and make sure they know how to get home, these things need to be discussed before going out. 


mamatoyz retro tv blackboard in child's room

How to take turns 

Another great teaching moment is how to take turns. If you’re taking siblings or a group of little friends out so there aren’t any squabbles and everyone has a fun and enjoyable time. It should be talked about how they’ll be sharing these turns for fairness. Whether you need to write this down and explain it methodically (we love the Retro TV Blackboard as a teaching tool!) or you just alternate in age order, laying this out before leaving ensures no upset!

How to give out treats to other children 

If you come home at a reasonable time, or you decide to stay in, you might have other children knocking on your door if you live in a popular area. This means that your little one needs to be prepared for some scary costumes turning up on their doorstep but also that by being involved they are willing and helpful in giving away sweets. As an act of fairness especially if they’ve been trick or treating themselves, giving away something themselves is both kind and a skill they need as they grow up.

No matter how long you’ll be out, how many homes you visit or how many treats your little one collects, laying out your expectations of their manners and ensuring they know how to stay safe on this evening will help everyone to have the most enjoyable time possible. Dressing up is great fun and collecting sweets is a great reward, we hope that everyone has a safe and happy during this wonderfully spooky evening!