Mamatoyz’ favourite non-digital Christmas Games

We’re all enjoying the beautiful festive things that are happening across the internet. We get to see other people inspiring decorations, incredible baking and lots of little ones having Christmas influenced adventures. Our little ones too, have had opportunities to be immersed in Christmas and the digital world has brought them many things to enjoy. However, sometimes we would like them to have a break away from their screens and play games that either encourage them to be creative or be involved with other members of the family. Christmas is a time for both being relaxed and having fun with the people we’re closest to. We’ve put together our top 10 Christmas games that don’t involve the internet or digital technology!

  1. Christmas Wrapping Race
    If you’re looking for a festive game prior to Christmas day, the Wrapping Race is a great one for serious laughs and getting stuff done! Keep little ones entertained whilst getting them to help wrap gifts by making it into a fabulous fun race. The winner gets festive chocolate or to choose the next game!

  2. Pictionary 
    This game is a classic that has been loved for generations. It has been recreated in many ways including digital formats, but nothing beats the old fashioned version. We love using the Retro TV Blackboard because it's perfect for little creatives to draw their hearts out. If you want to keep their festive work you can pin paper to it as well!

  3. Balance and Trivia 
    When you were a child, you might remember such entertaining games as being spun around in circles and then made to walk in a certain direction, find someone or try to answer questions whilst disorientated. We have a safer version! Your Loop Large Baby Nest is made to grow with your child and includes a balance board. Get this out and write some fun family trivia to win some fun and fast points!

  4. Christmas Scavenger Hunt
    A great one for when you need some quiet time (to wrap special presents!) is to create a mini scavenger hunt! This could simply be to find Christmas decorations or festive treats but will keep little ones actively entertained and engaged!

  5. Gingerbread House Decorating Competition
    If your household isn’t super competitive but loves being creative, gingerbread decorating is a great choice. It doesn’t even need prizes because each individual will have their very own gingerbread house to try! These will make beautiful photographs, wonderful treats to share and let your little ones creative imagination make up some beautiful narratives! Don’t forget your Kule Learning Tower to keep little ones safe at the kitchen counter!

  6. Pin the Nose on Rudolph
    It doesn’t have to be pin the tail on the donkey to be a party. Pin the nose on Rudolph is a great spin on the traditional game and can be as elaborate as you could possibly imagine. You could have a mini assault course to get to Rudolph if you’re looking to help expel some excess energy!

  7. Consequences
    A proper pen and paper game, consequences is another game that has been loved for a very long time. What this involves is a series of questions that everyone answers, writes down, folds over so no one can see and then passes on to the person next to them. At the end of all the questions being answered everyone gets to read out what narrative has been created. The stories become hilariously elaborate!

  8. Snowman Drawing Competition
    If your looking for a game that family from everywhere can get involved in, even if they won’t be in your household, a snowman drawing competition is a great idea. Your little one can make their creation on the Medium Masa Desk whilst relatives create theirs in their homes. They then can be sent to one address and a winner chosen for the whole family to be involved!

  9. Festive Race Track 
    A great combination game is to have your little one create a new race track for their Mini Vehicles. The Medium Masa Desk has a long role of paper that they can create an elaborate and festive styled map to run their wooden cars around. Once completed all the family members can get involved and race their vehicle around the track to the finish line!

  10. One Minute to Win
    There isn’t anyone who wants to do the washing up at Christmas time and we’re not talking about the Sera Kitchen here! Little games from Christmas crackers, card games or any that your little ones can make up provide an excellent opportunity to get some chores done. The loser of the game will have to take up a not so fun task for being placed last (of course help will always be had, but it's a great way to get some movement going in the home when no one wants to!)

If you’ve been inspired to include some of these games in your household this year, we’ve highlighted some great products that can be used all year round too and make great Christmas gifts. If you’re looking for even more inspiration for gifting this year, don’t forget to check out Mamatoyz Ultimate 2021 Christmas Gift Guide!


We hope everyone is planning some wonderful things to do this year. If you happen to have a go at one of our suggestions and capture a beautiful family moment we’d love to see it and share it so tag us @mamatoyz_uk on Instagram!