Mamatoyz Easy Christmas Baking with Kids!

We’re all beginning to get a little more festive. There’s normally a resistance to keep Christmas in December, but with not having a big family Christmas last year, many of us have already organised most of December to make sure that the best time can be had. Thinking ahead, we've got a great way to have our little ones involved in doing Christmas bits now or after all the decorations have gone up! In this article, we’ve put together our top 10 treats we love to bake to put everyone in a festive mood!

We especially appreciate and rely on our Kule Learning Tower at this time of year. It allows us to have our little ones be involved in these great things in a safe way. Baking with family is a wonderful bonding time whilst inspiring creativity. Freedom to be messy and learn different skills as well as being with their favourite person makes this a wonderful activity that you’ll want to continue into next year. Maybe it’ll be a new years resolution to do more baking together in 2022!


baking with the kule learning tower


1. Festive Cookie Cutters 

One of the best and most fun can come from a few cookie cutters. They allow a lot more independence for your little one than having you cut out shapes for them. The cookie dough is a wonderful process to make together followed by an easy rolling out. Cookies cutters are then safe for them to use and place on their own baking tray!


2. Getting Decorative

Whether you’ve taken the time to make your own or you’ve gone and selected some plain cookies, shortbread or any other variety of biscuits, the decoration is where your little one can really express themselves! Making or getting hold of coloured icing is easy. Along with festive colours and shiny toppings, your little ones can really get creative and experiment with all kinds of designs!


3. Gingerbread Characters 

Talking about decoration, another great one for this time of year is gingerbread men or women! These little shapes can easily become extensions of your little one’s imagination. They can have their own names, specific clothing and be gifted to specific people too!


4. Hot Chocolate Gifts 

If you’re still working on gifts for others, this is also a wonderful opportunity to bring a crafty element to your ‘baking’ time. A bit like a scientific experiment, you can test out a variety of hot chocolate mixes with your little one to find the best. This can then be packaged with other luxury hot chocolate elements like marshmallows and chocolate sprinkles. This packaging can then be decorated and wrapped. It’s also a great stocking gift or for school friends!


5. Cereal Shapes

If you want to get crafty with something that isn’t two-dimensional like a biscuit, cereals can be great to mould. From rice crispies to cornflakes, cereals can be made into something that can be sculpted. Your little one then has the opportunity to make three-dimensional characters that they can then decorate. For extra stickiness, adding marshmallows to your mix is always a delicious choice!


6. Reindeer Brownies

For the most sumptuous, delicious and rich treats, brownies are a great choice. If you really want to make a treat for a special occasion a rich brownie recipe is a well-loved favourite and ever-popular choice. By adding some eyes, a cherry nose and even some pretzel horns a very cute character can be made for a delicious and fun treat!


7. Christmas Tree Decorative Treats

Another idea for a cross over of crafty and baking are treats that can be hung on the Christmas tree. If you’re making biscuits and decorating them, why not punch a hole in them before the bake so they can have ribbon strung through them? Another idea is to make treats that can be wrapped in foil with a piece of ribbon coming off of them. They can be decorated however your little one wants and then they can hang them on the tree!


8. You can’t go wrong with cupcakes

A classic and true favourite is the cupcake. A wonderful mixture and simple to make with little hands helping. Once baked in festive cupcake cases a wealth of ideas for decorating will come to your little one. These can be enjoyed by your family or a beautiful box can be made to be gifted to other members of your family and friends too!


9. Christmas Cake

The Christmas cake is a staple for this time of year, but sometimes a little too complex for children help to make. There are points that can be helped with though, like soaking the fruit. But, decorating is where you can have the most help!


10. Santa’s Treats

Hopefully, your little one won’t have let you forget that Santa is on his way. A common tradition for households is to put something out for Santa to have on Christmas eve and a carrot for Rudolph. Your little one can have great fun in choosing what treat Santa will be given, sourcing the ingredients, making the treat, decorating it and then finally being able to leave it out for him!

We hope we’ve given you some baking inspiration along with some easy treats that you’ll love to make too. Your little one will love this opportunity and get to be so creative with it! A great time to help them develop their imagination and practice some fine motor skills too. Don’t forget your Kule Learning Tower so everyone can enjoy baking safely!