Mamatoyz DIY Advent Calendars for toddlers!

There are so many things that we have to think about for Christmas. From Christmas eve boxes to Elf on the shelf, the things and lengths we go to provide our little ones with the best Christmas possible are becoming quite the task!

It’s up to us to create our own family traditions and whether we include the things we see across social media influenced by other families. No matter what, we always make it our own. This is what makes each and every family Christmas unique and personal to us. The smiles on our little one’s faces are from our hard work to make their Christmas perfect for them and unlike anyone else’s. 

Something that a lot of children love about Christmas is the traditional countdown with advent calendars. Although the beginning of advent is almost unknown, we most commonly think of it being this countdown where there is chocolate each and every day. Some parents already produce their own advent calendars, but maybe you’ve reached the year where your little one is becoming ever more involved in the lead up to the holiday and you want to start your very own family tradition. Creating your own advent calendar, personally tailored to your little one is a great place to begin! In this article, we’ve detailed some ideas along with helpful tips to inspire you and get creative for your Christmas!


1. Make your 24 days 

Most importantly, when creating an advent calendar, you’ll need to decide what format your calendar will take shape in. There are hundreds of ideas online which use everyday objects to make twenty-four places for your advent. From balloons to toilet rolls to newspaper bags, a sustainable option is also a great choice. These things can all be decorated in festive ways and to your own style. All you need is 24 spaces!


2. Sweet treats

In the late 1950s, advent calendars with chocolate began. The first printed advent calendar came from Germany in the early 20th century where a mother filled twenty-four spaces with candies attached to the cardboard for her son to have every day before Christmas.  If you want to follow this trend and help it continue, maybe you’ll bake your own treats to place for each day. This however does give you a great opportunity to give your little one something a little healthier than the traditional chocolates!


medium masa desk white in childs bedroom


3. Daily activities for a prize

If you’re looking to mix it up for advent, we like going for an alternative to chocolates. A great choice for the days leading up to Christmas that aren’t chocolate or sweet based is coming up with a series of activities for your little one to discover each day. This could be a great way to keep things organised for December too. You know what’s happening each day and your little one will discover it as the days pass. This could be anything from going out for a walk in a specific favourite location to a series of creative challenges for each day. 

If you’ve got some toys at home already, this a great way to inspire ideas. When we think of giving creative challenges with think of our little ones using the Medium Masa Desk & Bench. When we think of going out and about, we think about taking the Balance Bike!

child at table baking with kule learning tower


4. Getting help from your toddler 

One of the best things about making a DIY advent calendar means it doesn’t have to be a secret! You don’t have to spend time finding a hiding place if you don’t mind this and your little one can be involved in the creation too. If you’re choosing activities for each day you may want to keep these closer to your chest so it doesn’t ruin the mystery, but if you’re creating a sweet treat, you might want to have your right-hand baker with you. This is also a great choice for siblings to do with one another, even if they only create the outer calendar and you handle the goodies. 

This is a great time to pull out your Kule Learning Tower! Whether you’re at the table or at the kitchen surface baking, the Kule Learning Tower ensures your little one can be as invested with your project as you are without any safety risk!


5. A piece a day to inspire

If you want to do something different from sweets, toys or activities, words of inspiration are a wonderful gratitude and mindfulness option. For ourselves, it gives us the opportunity to reflect on the year and our favourite moments to share again with our little ones and are a great keepsake too. For our little ones, there’s nothing more special than waking up each day and being reminded or encouraged. From the simplicity of telling them how loved they are to expressing your love for their favourite traits, it could be anything and regarded better than chocolate too!


kasablam playset in childs bedroom


6. One toy a week 

We of course couldn’t go without putting our own spin on this. To make it ultimately different to anyone else’s advent calendars we like to do one toy a week. In combination with notes of inspiration and activities to keep our little ones stimulated throughout the week, we like to give them something small that builds to be a collective game or toy on Christmas day. Our favourite choice is the mini vehicles that they can have and play with each week following up to Christmas. Once they have their 3 or 4, on Christmas day they then get the Kasabam Play Mat Set to finish their collection! A choice that will be fun all year round and builds anticipation!

Will you be making a personal advent calendar this year for your little one? There are so many options that will make it ultimately unique and very special. We hope that we’ve given you some inspiration and can’t wait to see how everyone gets on!

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