Mamatoyz: Are cupcakes and fairy cakes the same?

There’s something special about baking with children. It can both be challenging and rewarding as well as give our little ones the opportunity to start learning important skills that they’ll need in the future. Cupcakes aren’t an essential part of life, but they do bring a lot of happiness to many people and they’re a great creative expression as well as a stress relief outlet. If you haven’t tried baking with your little one yet, now is the time to start! But with these little treats, which should you make and what’s the difference between cupcakes and fairy cakes?

What is cupcake day?

Cupcake day is a national day of celebration for the humble cupcake. There isn’t an official date in history that this confectionery treat was made and it was much later on after it became popular that they were given the cupcake name. The 14th of June is the day that many get together to celebrate these creations, from sharing favourite bakery spots to giving new creative designs to friends. As you can imagine, the day brings a lot of joy and it’s definitely one to add to the calendar!

What’s the difference between cupcakes and fairy cakes?

The big question is, can we celebrate fairy cakes on this day too? The difference between a cupcake and a fairy cake is the size. Fairy cakes are kind of what they say on the tin, little cakes - ideal for little ones! They often have a drizzle of icing or a simpler, flatter type of decoration. In comparison, a cupcake is larger in base size and icing. The ratio of the cupcake to icing can almost be fifty-fifty! They’re quite extravagant and take multiple bites to consume. The icing can be spiralled and tall with every and any type of sprinkles, drizzles and chocolatey bits!

Why should you make cupcakes at home?

There’s something very special about creating sweet treats at home to share with loved ones. There’s something even more special about home cooking cupcakes with our children. Not only can we make ‘healthier’ cupcakes because we don’t need to use preservatives and other things found in store-bought cupcakes but we can have a great bonding experience with our children too. It’s about teamwork and learning as well as creative expression. The baking process has to follow guidelines which is has important lessons, but when it comes to icing and decorating everyone can do whatever they wish!


How important is it for our children to learn about ingredients?

Part of choosing to bake or cook with your child opens a great opportunity for them to start learning about ingredients and nutrition. Cooking at home from scratch allows us to show our children everything that goes into making something and how these components create something that fuels our bodies. Nutrition has many incredibly important lessons to be learnt and starting when a child is young can help them form healthy relationships with food so they can make the best choices in their future. 

What is a great first-time recipe?

There are hundreds of thousands if not millions of recipes for cupcakes. The combination of flavours is so vast that you’d probably never have to cook the same recipe twice if you didn’t want to! Ultimately cupcakes come down to 6 basic ingredients (that you likely have in your cupboards already!):

  • Butter
  • Flour
  • Sugar
  • Eggs
  • Vanilla Extract
  • Milk

This basic set of ingredients will allow you to create cupcakes or fairy cakes that you can then flavour as desired with icing. As your little one becomes more dexterous and interested in the baking process, more ingredients can be added to create their dream combinations. 

Why should we bake with our children?

Not only does baking encourage a healthy interest in nutrition, but there are lots of other elements that can help with a child’s development too. To bake involves measuring ingredients and using numbers which they might be learning about at school. Introducing a practical element to learning about addition and subtraction can make these concepts easier to understand. Math in real life is great fun too!

How can we cook safely with our children?

There are some big safety things to consider when cooking with children. The biggest is that very hot surfaces are involved. The oven is not a child-friendly place and neither is the pan when it comes out of the oven, therefore children need to be kept away from these things but taught why. Another safety concern is having your child at the kitchen surface to cook. Traditionally there would be a child standing on a chair, but this isn’t safe. We love the Kule Learning Tower to replace the chair so our children can stand safely and we all can concentrate on creating amazing tasty cupcakes!

What should you do with all those cupcake creations?

Sharing cupcake creations is one of the best parts. Whether it be heading down the road to friends and family to enjoy the creations together, or taking photos and sharing on social media, giving your child the chance to share and enjoy their creations in another way. Cupcakes are the best fresh and sometimes a full tray is a little too much for one household to consume on their own so sharing is the perfect solution!

We hope that you’ve been inspired to give baking a try with your little one. We’d also love to see your creations, so if you’re getting involved on cupcake day or any other day, join us on social media and share your creations!