Mamatoyz: 8 Unusual Valentines Day Facts for your children

Sometimes when Valentine’s day comes around are children are of the age where it’s deemed very ‘yucky’. Although we like to think that they want to hear how much we adore them, we’re not very cool to them right now and why would they ever want to go on a one-to-one date with us?

In this post, we’re giving you 8 facts that will not only get your child thinking your kinda’ cool for knowing some unusual things but will give them great conversation to have at school with their friends. Check them out:

  1. Children win at this holiday 
    ‘85% of parents planned to give their children something whereas only 59% of spouses planned on giving their partners a gift’

    This might be the reason that your little one suddenly decides valentine’s day is cool but it's an interesting fact at that. Adults are more likely to give their children gifts than they are their own spouse or partners! 

  2. El día de los enamorados
    Translated from Spanish, el día de los enamorados is ‘day of lovers’. Maybe not the coolest still, but the way that others celebrate valentines day across the world is incredibly interesting. From lasting multiple days to the way that things are decorated to celebrating those who have passed, these cultural differences can bring great inspiration and give a new meaning to valentines day. 

  3. Love letters to Verona 
    If they haven’t heard of Romeo and Juliet, valentines day is a great time to introduce this classic story. In Verona, people still send Juliet letters. They can take them directly to her house and put them in her letter, send an email or post a letter to her from abroad. There's a continued feeling of hopefulness, love and human connection through this portal of shared feelings. 

    If they get truly inspired by this story they can always write Juliet a letter (from their Medium Masa Desk & Bench) and send it to: Juliet, Verona, Italy (Even this small amount of information for an address will reach her home!)

  4. Valentines Day was founded in 1300
    For those who need a little bit of a darker history to find interest in the holiday, the day was founded by the Romans in 1300. After a wildly weird feast lasting from the 13th to the 15th of February, some executions did happen. In separate years during the third century, Emperor Claudius II executed two men both with the name Valentine and this is where the name originated from. 

  5. St Valentine’s Facts
    * As in the previous fact, St Valentine was actually more than one person and they both had a particularly rocky relationship with Emperor Claudius II
    * “Valentinus” is Latin and is the word for worthy, strong or powerful
    * There have been around a dozen St Valentine’s and there was also a pope!
    * Valentine isn’t just the saint surrounding love. Valentine is also the patron saint of beekeeping, epilepsy and other weird and wonderful things! 

  6. Valentines Day started as a Rebellion
    Although we now know that Valentine’s day originated in 1300, it wasn’t until the middle ages in 1400 that the day would be celebrated in such a way that we now think of it as Valentines Day. When the Romans lost power the day became a day of celebration after the rebellion and so much conflict. Originally the Romans were feasting on this day celebrating themselves but once overruled the day meant something very different!

  7. Ystavanpaiva
    Ystavanpaiva is the Finnish version of Valentines Day. Although not a huge holiday in Finnland, the meaning of the day for them is a celebration of love. On this day they give gifts to their beloved friends, something that we all can enjoy in the UK too and with our children. From cards to chocolates to postcards, they will gift things that truly have great meaning and significance to the people they care about most!

  8. Teachers receive the most Valentines Day cards 
    For those who are at school, sending a valentines card to their teacher is a great show of support for the work they do and how much they learn. This appreciation goes a long way and many children want to show their teachers that they value what they do making teachers the most gifted on valentines day!

 We hope that we’ve provided you with some interesting facts that bring your little one’s attention away from the ‘yucky’ and back to the intrigued in what this day is really about. There's a lot to be learned about St Valentine along with so many interesting activities like Juliet’s letters that your little one can find out about.

If we’ve said something interesting, feel free to share it with a friend as well as your child or even on social media! Give us a tag too!