Mamatoyz: 8 Outdoor Activities for this spring

We all know the importance of getting outside for the way it makes us feel. After a winter hidden away under blankets and seeking warmth from hot chocolate and fulfilling food, there's craving with spring for the feeling of light and warmth of the sun in the open air that we experience at no other time of year. Getting outside is crucially important for our well-being and for our families too. If you’re looking for some new inspiration to get everyone in the mood o get outside, here are our top 8 ideas for outdoor activities this spring!

  1. Family walks
    Simplicity is often the way to make more outdoor time a reality. It can be hard to pull people away from screens and their comfy seats inside until they realise how much fun it truly is to be outside and how it can make them feel. By getting the whole family together for a short walk and inviting friends too, it can be a fun activity rather than a chore. We also love giving little ones something to help them keep up, go further and have even more fun, like the Balance Bike.

  2. Mini ride-on races
    When you’re out in the garden and looking for little activities to break up the day and have an endless amount of fun, we love a good mini ride-on race. Whether you’ve got the Mini Bike, Racer Ride-On, Monster Ride-On or the Bold Ride On these make excellent racing tools. A combination is great amongst a few participants. They get to choose what they think will be fastest and try to reach the finish line first. If you only have one ride-on it can be a timed race that each child can take turns completing. If you’ve got more children than toys, you could have teams and relay or even have some pushing others along. You can get super adventurous with your course too!

  3. Teacher time 
    With schools back in order, your little one will always have so much to share with you about what they’ve been up to. With the Retro TV Blackboard its easy to set up an outdoor, roleplay, teaching area. This keeps everyone happily enjoying the outdoor air whilst engaged with topics that they’ve been learning about, practising their communication skills to share with other family members. 

  4. Giant paper planes
    Another fabulous little outdoor competition is to have a paper plane throwing game. But, this is like no other paper plane contest. With the Medium Masa Desk & Bench the paper roll allows some exceptionally large paper planes to be made. A parent needs to cut a section of square paper off and then children can have amazing fun decorating their plane before or after folding. Once completed, its time to stand on a predetermined line and throw these planes as far as they possibly can!

  5. Hide and seek
    If you’re looking for an activity that keeps little ones engaged for an extended period of time, we love hiding toys like the Mini Vehicles around the garden. At breakfast, we can give our little ones a list of their toys that are hidden around the garden for them to go and seek. They can take toys and teddies to help them seek and find all the missing toys and this can be as intricate as you can imagine. You could even pass them a treasure map of where everybody is to find!

  6. Shadow drawings
    When the sun starts to lower, we love playing around with shadows and creating pictures and images as mini-land art. With chalks or with the placement of objects, children can trace their family or friends' shadows on the ground. Repeating this process can create an epic image of movement and can become abstract too. 

  7. Collaborative picnic creations
    We also love combining a variety of our activities. We love to plan a day full of fun that might start with a walk to a specific location followed by a picnic before heading home for some garden activities. We love involving our children in the creation of picnic items. This is because it helps them to understand where their food comes from, how it's prepared how it feels to create healthy food for their other family members as well as being a great activity to practice skills. When planning and creating your picnic with your little one, don’t forget your Kule Learning Tower.

  8. Outdoor bingo 
    If you're seeking activities that create a lot of engagement and build up excitement, we love outdoor bingo. It can be as simple as creating a page with different types of trees, plants and wildlife on which your little one can then spot and cross off. First to make a line or cross all of their items off, wins! This is another create choice to combine with other activities. To keep little ones entertained during a picnic or on a family walk. 

We hope we’ve given you some inspiration to help encourage your families outside. We’re loving his new weather and the new feeling of excitement and freshness. Being outside has many benefits and you can find great reassurance that these activities are all helping your family to stay happy and healthy.