Mamatoyz: 8 Creative ideas for Spring Half Term

As the Spring Half Term approaches we’re always thinking up creative ideas to promote development and have great fun in activities for keeping little ones entertained. We’ve spent lots of wonderful time with our children over the last few years in more confined ways, but now we’re back to having the freedom to go where we want and for our little ones to experience new and exciting things! To get your ideas flowing, here are our top 8 ideas for this half term with a creative twist:

  1. Nature walks and crafts
    Although the daily walks aren’t compulsory anymore, we all noticed a positive impact these had on our families health. To make them different and less repetitive, we have the opportunity to choose new locations and travel to them giving our little ones a well-deserved change of scenery. To make these walks more interactive for busy minds, with spring on its way it's a great time to seek new growth and see who can spot it first. If you’ve got extra energy that needs expelling we love to take the Balance Bike for these walks too!

  2. Bedtime stargazing
    Due to the timing when this half term falls, our children’s bedtimes are after when it gets dark. This gives us a great opportunity to explore the starry night sky with them and show them various constellations, maybe even getting to see a shooting star too! This is an education that they might not get until they get to a higher level at school, so you can help them get a head start. The following day, they can use this new experience to inspire drawings and paintings. We love to give our little ones the Retro TV Blackboard as it gives them a night sky background to start their creation on.

  3. Away from screens and into the kitchen 
    There's something truly beautiful about being able to create something to nourish our families and bring smiles to their faces and this half term is all about fresh ingredients and making something new. Your ultimate inspiration and the kings and queens of experimenting are your little ones. These children will come up with some wild ideas and of course, want to help. So a little adventure to the local grocery shop to get the biggest and brightest fruits and vegetables along with the challenge of creating something incredibly tasty is a great activity. Don’t forget your Kule Learning Tower for keeping your little one safe when they’re helping at the kitchen surface!

  4. Take indoor play outside
    Imaginative play is an important part of your little one’s development, but it doesn’t need to be inside. Taking some key pieces outside can completely reignite an imaginative thought to keep your little one’s mind active. We especially love making the effort to take the Sera Kitchen outside as this encourages our little ones to think about running an outdoor kitchen, what they might make, how they might serve it and who they might invite. If you’re thinking about spending time in the kitchen with them this half term, you could also add some real items to rejuvenate their imaginative play. 

  5. Spring-inspired art
    We all know how unpredictable the UK weather can be and how likely it is that our spring can be delayed in different parts of the country. If spring hasn’t reached you yet and the weather is putting a dampener on your outdoor activities, let your little ones get creative indoors inspired by the idea of spring. What does spring mean to them? What animals are born? What flowers bloom? How does it make them feel? Amongst other pointers, we love giving them the Medium Masa Desk & Bench so the can create a long garden inspired image without ever running out of room!

  6. Recording the moment
    If you’ve got a super packed half-term already planned because of all the fun activities or because of other commitments you can give your little one the camera to be incharge of recording the weeks adventures and tasks. You’ll get to see an interesting view of family life from their perspective along with allowing your little one to have and learn extra responsibility. At the end of the week it can be a wonderful activity to sit down with everyone and look through whats been created. If you get some epic shorts, or hilarious ones, share them with us on Instagram!

  7. Playdates and get-togethers
    It might not quite be the time to get the BBQ out and lay in the warm sun, but getting together with others in a safe way is great for both you and your little one. Our activities above can be all. Whether you’ve got an only child, siblings or you’re inviting friends over, these can be used for playing alone or together. Being with others can bring a wonderful and collective sense of positivity keeping everyone feeling happy and looking forward to future adventures!

  8. Check out online and local experiences
    With so many businesses having to make dramatic changes during the last few years there are now more options than ever for family fun in the home and in the local vicinity. If you’re in the house there are many activities that can be enjoyed from kiddy workouts to online group sessions that keep kids talking to one another. With lots of physical businesses enjoying the return of families, there are lots of new activities to enjoy too. If your child is of the right age, why not have them do some online research and find some new things for the whole family to try out?

We hope we’ve brought some new ideas for you and your family to enjoy this half term. As spring approaches a wonderful sense of renewal comes with it and we can all look forward to brighter weather! Share this with a friend if they’re looking for ideas too!