MamaToyz 6 Things your two-year-old can play to develop gross and fine motor skills

When we think about developmental milestones for our little ones we must ensure that we remember there will be things they achieve earlier and things that happen later. We only ever consider these as guidelines but like to check that we are on the right track!

There are two main categories that we want to talk about; gross motor skills and fine motor skills that your little one can do independently at the age of two. Gross motor skills are the large movements of muscles like the arms, legs and torso. Fine motor skills are the small movements made by muscles in the wrists and hands requiring the coordination of these muscles for increased dexterity. 

At the age of two, a lot of children have mastered their basics skills. They can walk, run, jump, play and climb forming their gross motor skills and use objects like brushes, pencils, building blocks and other games involving their fine motor skills. 


child using walker


1. Walker

This design is for aiding the development of gross motor skills. It supports your little one as they grow so they can build the strength in their legs to walk independently. Once they’ve mastered this skill they can then begin tuning their fine motor skills by using this as a directional piece, making them use their grip to move it in the direction they wish to go and work on their coordination.


2. Medium Masa Desk & Bench

The Medium Masa Desk & Bench provides them with an open-ended space to practice creation. From pens to pencils to paints to anything else you can think of that will make a mark, the continuous roll just keeps going so they can practice fine motor skills over and over without getting bored. 


3. Balance Bike

If your child is tall enough then the Balance Bike is the next step once they’ve reached two. Unlike other push alongs, they have much more control over the movement of the bike and have to trust in themselves to make it do what they want.


4. Casa Pink House

Your traditional dolls house with a twist. The Casa Pink House has larger openings allowing little fingers to move characters around freely and work on their dexterity. By letting them get lost in their own imaginative world of play, they work on these fine motor skills in an easy, fun and productive way!


mamatoyz mini bike


5. Mini Bike

A great item for building strength in the legs and control in the arms, the Mini Bike encourages them to focus on what’s ahead and how to get there with the stability of four wheels. This design encourages both walker and bike style use with all the benefits!


6. Kasabam Play Mat Set

The Kasabam Play Mat Set involves crawling around to make movements during their imaginative play. The outlined scene encourages making deliberate gestures whilst gripping different objects. 

No matter where your little one currently is with their development, involving games and fun activities to promote healthy development creates the best opportunity for success. So boredom is never an issue, MamaToyz’ are designed for both fun and growth!