Mamatoyz 6 Bonfire Night Activities

November brings us one month closer to Christmas, but there are a few events that we don’t want to miss before the excitement for Christmas begins. Bonfire Night or Guy Fawkes Night, the 5th of November, is a celebration of the failed plot to bring the Houses of Parliament to rubble in 1605. Each year, bonfires are built and fireworks are set off to celebrate this event hundreds of years later. For children at school, they’ll be learning about this day and what the true meaning of what it is. For toddlers at preschool, they’ll be creating fun art and playing games in anticipation of the 5th. This means that everyone will be looking forward to seeing the spectacular fireworks and events that will take place. If you’re staying at home or you’re looking for some activities to keep little ones occupied with this theme, check out our 6 bonfire night activities below!


1. Bonfire Night Treats 

Leading on from Halloween, bonfire night has its treats too. From marshmallows toasted over open fires to the crafty and colourful firework inspired treats, there’s something for everyone at any skill level. This is where our favourite piece comes in handy, the Kule Learning Tower. This is an important tool for safely baking with your little one. No matter what recipe you choose, they can join you without having to precariously balance on a chair at your counter.


2. Wall Art

There are also hundreds of ideas for artwork to be created inspired by this colourful evening. From three-dimensional ideas to using recycling as art materials to getting hands dirty, this is another popular but easily unique way to remember this day. An idea we love is using the Medium Masa Desk because it has a continuous roll of paper. It’s a challenge for someone on their own and also a great team activity, to create a long scene of fireworks to be displayed in your home. Somewhere they can enjoy their bonfire night treats under!


3. Working with chalk 

Thinking about art, we love colourful chalk at this time of year. If the weather is good during the day using concrete as a canvas is an amazing space for little imagination to go wild! It’s also a great place to draw out fun physical games to play that encourage active movement. If the weather isn’t so good, we like taking these colourful chalks to the Retro TV Blackboard. A great activity for this is asking your little one to draw what they might see on their own tv that evening!


4. Bonfires and Safety

If you’ve made treats and aren’t going out, why not have your own mini bonfire at home. You can create this with safety in mind and use it as the perfect opportunity to teach your little one more about being safe around fires. They’ll also have a chance to toast their marshmallows!


5. Pop up Fireworks

In the creative spirit, getting experimental with tissue paper, fabric, glitter and anything else that’s bright and can make dramatic shapes, we like to work three-dimensionally. Creating mini fireworks that actually move or make a sound can really enlighten your little one. It can be quite a challenge to try and make these on a large scale, so for an extra wow factor, we like to make fireworks for your little one’s Casa Pink House. They then have fireworks to use when their little characters have birthday parties and other celebratory events, encouraging their imagination throughout other days of the year too.


6. Bonfire Night themed Pictionary

This should be at the top of our list. We love an evening with the whole family getting involved. Picking favourite and classic games, playing them at any opportunity we have! We love the  Retro TV Blackboard for games like Pictionary. Everyone can be enthusiastic with their drawings because they can easily be wiped away, whilst being the perfect angle for everyone to shout their guesses at!

Don’t forget about Firework Safety!

With all this firework art going around, we should be conscious of taking the time to explain what our little ones should and shouldn’t do around fireworks. There is a wealth of resources online that you can share with them to make sure they understand and stay safe. Here are our top tips:

  1. Always be near an adult
  2. Stay away from the people who are setting off fireworks
  3. If you’re lucky enough to have a sparkler wear gloves
  4. Never go near a lit firework
  5. Never throw a firework or point them at someone else

We hope you have great fun with our activity ideas for this Bonfire Night. This is an important day of education along with being great fun. We love getting creative and colourful inspired by this day and think this is the perfect learning opportunity to share with your little one how to remain safe around dangerous things. Have a happy and safe November 5th!