Mamatoyz: 3 Best Ride-on toys for toddlers 2022

As December has now arrived, we’re thinking and looking forward to the new start of 2022 after a wonderfully festive period! With our little ones enjoying the bright lights, potential for snow and Father Christmas on his way, we’re also thinking about what they’ll be doing and looking forward to throughout next year. If you’re still on the hunt for Christmas gifts, then check out our article here: Mamatoyz Ultimate 2021 Christmas Gift Guide. If you’re still thinking about gifts that help and promote the development of your toddler then you’re in the right place too! In this article, we’re going into depth about why ride-on toys are so good for helping your little one and the top 3 you need to know about!


What do ride-on toys help toddlers develop?

A ride-on is a great choice of toy for helping your little one develop important skills. By being such a fun toy too, they’ll want to continue playing with it over and over again. Ride-on toys help your toddler with their balance, coordination, developing motor skills, confidence, independence and enjoyment for exercise. When using a ride-on toy they can also let the creative imagination create scenarios of where they’re going and why. With all of these things combined, a perfect balance is made of development that will help your little one have fun whilst learning.


Can a ride-on toy be for more than one child? 

Sharing is another skill that can be learnt from using a ride-on toy. With a sibling or friend, great fun can be had again using their creative imagination for games that involve traffic signals or moving toys from one space to another. They can get inventive with problem-solving and work together with this toy. Another benefit of the toys we list below is that their construction means they aren’t just good for the environment, but they are made to last. From passing down to new siblings to friends families or even being brought out for the next generation!


What should you look for when purchasing a ride-on toy?

When considering buying a ride-on toy there are a few things to think about. Safety of course is no.1. Although children should always be supervised when using a ride-on toy there should be things put in place to ensure that it is as safe as possible. You’re looking for something that has a low centre of gravity to avoid any tipping off balance and something with multiple wheels to add to this as well. They should be made of materials and designed strong enough to support your little one’s weight too. When looking at the size of the ride-on, your child needs to be able to put their feet firmly on the ground. Looking for something that also is fun and will keep your little one entertained is also an important factor! 


What are the top ride-on toys for 2022?

As your little one comes up to this year and they’re ready to find more strength and explore fun activities, a ride-on toy is a great choice. In warmer weather, they can play with them outside as well as in. As they build confidence by rolling up and down the corridor when its time to go outside they’ve got a streak of independence and determination to go wherever they can! With all-new ideas, here are our top 3 ride-on toys for 2022:


  1. Bold Ride On The functionality and striking aesthetic of the Bold Ride On comes from its make-up. Made from the trunk of a beech tree this natural, comfortable and sturdy ride-on is the perfect addition to a collection in helping your little one develop. As it is hollow, it is lightweight and makes a great first ride-on because it is so easy to move. Your little one will be having great fun without getting exhausted for hours of entertainment! The Bold Ride-On can easily be directed by your little one as they learn how to stop, start and control their own speed. 

  2. Monster Ride-On The Monster Ride-On is a great addition to a nursery or child-friendly space because of the wonderfully illustrated face. No one can look at the ride-on without smiling! As a new friend and companion for your little one, it won’t be long before they’ll want to take this ride-on everywhere to share with their friends. This is another lightweight ride-on for ease of use by your child because it is hollow. This ride-on has the extra functionality as this hollow space can be used to hold games and toys making it an easy way for your child to move things around the home. It also has 360° wheels to make tiny movements and help your child be precise and confident in how they use it.

  3. Racer Ride-On The Racer Ride-On is a Good Design Award winner! This ride-on is extra special because it is both a walker and ride-on to help your little one at whatever stage they might be at in their development. This ride-on will help them transition from standing to confidently walking and build those important motor skills and muscles. The Racer Ride-On also features a chamber where they can put their toys to take them anywhere they might want! One of the things parents love most about this design is the ability to adjust the speed settings of the wheels. This safety measure means parents can encourage safely the development of their little ones!


racer ride on


A ride-on toy is a great choice for entertainment and development. Your little one can have all kinds of adventures with this piece and learn to love moving around and being active. The ride-on toys we have chosen are great for little ones from 10 months old and they will continue to choose them as a favourite activity toy for many years! They’re also all handmade, painted with water-based paint and made of natural wood for the highest-quality, aesthetic and safety!