MamaToyz 27 quiet afterschool at-home activities

As the school year approaches and our calendars begin to fill up with a variety of different things for all the family, we sometimes need moments where our little ones can be settled with an activity to allow us time to achieve everything we have to. Check out our top 27 activities to provide you with that little bit of time you need!

Quiet sitting time 

1. Closed eyes drawing
Asking them to close their eyes for a timed period and attempt to draw something to see how well they can do!

2. Complete the drawing
Starting a drawing for them to follow or complete - or printing off some starter images from the web if you’re short of time

3. Prompting shapes
Leaving your little one with a few shapes dotted around a page that they then have to make into little creatures or animals

4. Blank book
Stapling or stringing some small pages together in a booklet way so they can fill out a story from their imagination 

5. Thumbprint animals
If you’re willing to get some paint involved get your little one to make a series of thumb and finger marks on a page that they then have to add legs, ears, tails and everything else too

6. Storyboard day
Similar to the blank book, outline a series of boxes with arrows so they can document their own day out in front of them

7. Homework station 
Sometimes encouraging homework time in a designated space whilst you do yours too is just the answer

8. Hole-punch art
Create a series of holes in different paper for your child to then draw around or allow them the little circles in multicolour to make their own sticky art 

9. Books and puzzle
Sometimes simple is the best option, a good book or puzzle (or something magic in between is the best entertainment

child drawing on desk

We like the Masa Desk and Bench for these activities. The paper roll makes it easy to keep things clean and moving forward as they work but it also provides them with their own independent space to work on their very own mini projects.

Burning energy

10. Balance Bike
Our balance bike keeps your little one mental stimulated, practising and refining important skills and burning energy all the same time

11. Musical Everything
Turn on some music, have a dance party, set an automatic stop so they can musical chairs or encourage the making of dance routines

12. Midilli Rocking Horse
Sometimes looking after a wooden horse is an exhausting task, there’s food and water to be brought, adventures to be had, it’s a big task!

13. Long Jump
Set up a line and let them try to get as far as they can by doing their own long jump

14. Racer Ride-On
If fast cars are their thing, let them be the engine with the Racer Ride-On and power their way around winning all the trophies 

15. The Floor is Lava
The one and only classic, let them know they can’t touch the floor and see how far they can get 

16. Mini Bike 
For sunnier days or long corridors, the Mini Bike is perfect and no accidents are to be had with this sturdy four-wheeled design 

17. Colour Match
Find a series of large different coloured papers and get your little one to match objects from around the house with the paper colours by placing them on top

18. Balance Board
Did you know our Loop Large Baby Nest has lots of uses including being a balance board for older children? Perfect for practicing those all-important skills

girl on balance board 

Quiet activities for both of you 

19. Yoga
If you’ve run out of time to get your exercise in, why not do it together in a calm and peaceful space they can follow you or you can follow them

20. Hide and Seek
This can be both quiet and peaceful, another classic that can be amended to how you want your home to feel

21. Kule Learning Tower
The best tool you can have to provide a safe way for your child to join you in many activities, from cooking to painting to anything else that needs to be done at a surface

22. Simon Says
You can be sitting down and having a cup of tea whilst playing Simon Says!

23. Retro TV Blackboard
The perfect piece for teaching new things or have your little one teach you the things they’ve learnt at school that day 

24. Paper charades
A take on the classic acting game but in a quiet way, have your little one guess what you might be drawing 

25. Casa Pink House
Get imaginative and into the spirit of home roleplay by sitting down and seeing inside their favourite house and meet their friendly characters 

26. Den Building 
There’s nothing better than building a first out of soft cushions and sheets to settle down in for snacks or a little film

27. Sera Wooden Kitchen 
Get ready to be graciously served your cup of tea from a kitchen that isn’t your own! Settle down for the best café service in your neighbourhood 

wooden kitchen with wooden toys

There will always be a time that you’ll need to concentrate, something needs both your hands or you need a slight moment of quietness to focus on something. As excited as we are to see our children after a day of school and as excited as they are to see us, having ideas at our disposal to occupy their minds or burn off that little bit of energy that’s left will help us to maintain the collected household we’ve work so hard to create.