Mamatoyz: 10 Children’s art week ideas!


We’re always interested in getting children to be creative. We can learn so many things about our little ones by investing time in letting them explore and be adventurous with different mediums and different slides. Creativity comes in many forms, an art is one that can be expressed in any way that brings joy and inspiration. With Children’s Art Week on its way, we thought we’d put together a great list of popular ideas for you and your family to try out!

What is Children’s Art Week?

Engage, the National Association for Gallery Education began Children’s Art Week to get children, families, organisations and schools to be involved with creative activities. Since starting the week has been adopted by many across the UK and was supported in 2020 by Arts Council England, Creative Scotland, Arts Council of Wales, The D’Oyly Carte Charitable Trust and Garfield Weston Foundation. The week supports those who want to be involved by giving them ideas on how to come up with an activity, and how to inspire others to be involved whether you’re promoting as a teacher, business or family member. Each year this week gains more popularity and it’s easy to see why!

Why is art important for children’s development?

Art is a stimulant for creativity, curiosity and imagination whilst helping support the development of communication skills. Art is incredibly subjective, therefore it’s a great choice for allowing little ones to get in touch with their feelings and things they wish to speak about. From times that they’re happy and celebrating to moments that they’re finding more difficult and trying to work through, art can become a healthy outlet of expression. Having these activities and tools in place can help little ones with their healthy development. 

Our top 10 art activities to get you started:


  1. Painting 
    Simple but greatly effective is the choice of using paints. Little ones have the opportunity to mix their own colours, work on their very own masterpieces straight from their imagination and work on their fine motor skills. Painting can also be done as a two-dimensional piece or can be a three-dimensional decoration - you could even paint outside! One set of paints can be used for so many activities!

  2. Baking
    Baking is an art! It takes great skill to get the right amount of ingredients in the right quantities to create something special. But even decorating pre-bought cupcakes or cakes can be a great way of getting art into something for everyone to enjoy!

  3. Drawing 
    Similar to painting, drawing is less messy but still an incredibly versatile option. Pencils can be taken practically anywhere allowing your little one to get creative whenever the mood strikes. It's also a great idea for collaborative pieces!

  4. Collaging
    To go that little bit further with adventures, having your little one think about collaging afterwards and collecting things along the way is a great way to make memories. After an adventure, your little one can spend time putting together a beautiful, textural piece that shares everything that happened on that day and what they enjoyed!

  5. Themes 
    If your little one is fortunate to have lots of options to create art already, our favourite thing to do is to give them a theme. When they want to create something but are unsure where to start they can sometimes get a little frustrated. By giving them a theme, it gives them just enough direction to help them get started without giving them too many boundaries. 

  6. Large scale art
    As the weather gets better and better, we love giving our little ones the chance to create larger art pieces. From the old school ‘Art Attack’ ideas of using sheets and towels to create ground art to drawing with chalk and other things, making things large scale completely changes how your little one creates!

  7. Role-playing theatre 
    Art comes in many forms including acting! Encouraging your little ones to express themselves in this way again gives them a new outlet. It’s a great choice for mixing creativity up and can be great fun as a group project with friends or other family members. 

  8. Games
    Art doesn’t have to be a sit-down activity - it can really be anything. There are lots of games that involve artistic elements that can encourage children who are a little more sceptical of doing creative activities or those who absolutely love them! We enjoy Pictionary and versions similar to this, like the drawing version of mad libs. A fabulous way to bring the whole family together!

  9. Collaborative art
    Art doesn’t have to be a solo project (but of course, we welcome independent learning and discovery!) If you’ve got other family members wanting to spend time with your little one or their friends to want to visit, setting up art activities is great and helps them learn teamwork as well as working collaboratively on the same piece. They’re also learning even more social and communication skills too!

  10. Long projects
    Another amazing thing about art is that the length of time it takes to complete a piece is again completely subjective. You could be working on an hour-long project or one that takes weeks. You could provide your little one with a sketchbook where they can keep adding in their adventures and make it a project long enough to span all the pages!

We hope we’ve given you some inspiration to get started on something with your little one. Art is such an incredible thing to share with your child and can really show something amazing in them, they’ll have the opportunity to learn so many new skills as well as develop important ones too!