Everything you need to know about the MamaToyz Kule Learning Tower

The Kule Learning Tower took the parenting world by storm. This crucially designed piece was the one thing parents were missing and nothing else like it existed. The Kule Learning Tower revolutionised day to day life by allowing parents to be able to plan in a new way and having their children safely and securely more involved. Here’s the how and why of this unique and useful product!


Kule Learning Tower in Kitchen


What is the Kule Learning Tower?

Simply, the Kule Learning Tower is a moveable platform that allows your child to get to hard to reach places. It facilitates a safe way for your child to be involved in the day to day activities at tables, surfaces and in the nursery where they need to be higher up but you don’t have to risk them standing on a chair that doesn’t offer them any support or security. The Kule Learning Tower is a piece that parents end up using every day! Its lightweight and adjustable design allows your child to grow and the safety features to remain the same - more on this later! 

What’s the difference between the Bear and the Tiger?

The Kule Learning Tower comes in two designs, the Bear and the Tiger. These minimalistic styles keep things fun for your little ones but don’t detract from your home interior aesthetic. They look great in the playful nursery but when against the kitchen surfaces or dining room table, don’t look out of place. This understated design gives your children the opportunity to name your helpful friend so they can ask for them whenever they might want to join you in what you’re doing.


Girl at kitchen side using Kule Learning Tower


Why do I need a Kule Learning Tower?

This product is a balance between fun and practicality. Your little one uses this piece to spend time with you doing both enjoyable activities and learning essential skills. For you, it gives you both freedom and security in that your child can join you during times they normally wouldn’t be able to, but in a way that you know they are safe!

Why is the adjustable height design so unique?

The Kule Learning Tower has three height settings. These settings averagely correspond with ages 12 months to 18 months, 18 months to 2 years and 2 years to 4 years. As your child grows you’ll be able to make the best judgment as to what height they need to remain safe using the Kule Learning Tower. There’s no doubt that this piece will not only be useful for many years but by being made by MamaToyz with longevity in mind, the design will be used for future siblings and generations too! The height system is unique in that by having three settings, it’s incredibly secure - which you’ll find out about when you build it!

How does it build trust and confidence with my child?

A crucial part of this design was to bring confidence and trust into your children’s own abilities. Without the Kule Learning Tower, you’re either picking your children up to see what you’re doing or having one hand on them when they stand near you to ensure they don’t fall from the height you’re working at. By giving your child a safe place to stand, you can do your day to day activities as normal and they can see, understand and learn how these tasks are done and important to the running of your home or business. This wouldn’t be possible at these ages unless you had a tool like the Kule Learning Tower. By standing freely in their own space, they grow confidence in helping you and begin to trust themselves to work on tasks and activities next to you.


Tiger Kule Learning Tower in kitchen

What activities can my child and I use this for?

There are so many activities for fun and for practicality that can be made easy and more enjoyable by using the Kule Learning Tower. Here are some of the most popular uses, but you’ll have many more in your home!


1. Cooking and Baking

The no.1 activity that parents and carers across the globe love using the Kule Learning Tower for is baking! It’s an activity we all like to undergo with our children, creating things beautifully tasty for all the family to enjoy! There’s nothing like the happiness in their eyes when they get to make something so delicious! The Kule Learning Tower is ideal in this situation because they can safely be at the right height of the kitchen surface to get messy without any fears with how vigorously they might mix their ingredients!


2. Changing Station Helper

If you’ve got your hands full with more than one child, sometimes it can be difficult to spend time on the very necessary tasks whilst keeping an eye on everyone else. It can also sometimes bring a little jealousy when you’re spending time with one child if someone else wants your attention. The Kule Learning Tower allows you to have both children together and eliminates any upset. Whilst changing your smallest child your older child can be helpful by passing you items or just having a conversation with you but receive your praise whilst feeling accomplished that they’re involved. 


3. Arts and Crafts

The Kule Learning Tower is also the perfect companion for ats and crafts. It gives your little one greater reach over their masterpiece. It’s also ideal for when you’re working on larger projects for Christmas, Halloween, Birthdays or maybe even your business, so your child can have full view and more independence when getting involved. 


girl standing on tiger kule learning tower at kitchen table baking

Better than any step, stool or chair the Kule Learning Tower is the must-have aid in every room in the house. Your child gets the opportunity to be closer to you and more involved in a safe and secure way. Every detail about this design has been scrutinised from its water-based safe painted design to the secure platform and barriers your child will use. The wooden aesthetic and eco-friendly credentials will always be important and this piece is never going to go out of style. A perfect investment for you and your family!