5 Reasons you need the Loop Large Baby Nest

There are lots of reasons why the Loop Large Baby Nest might have caught your attention. As a place to lay your baby safely, a place to entertain them, something to aid their development and a piece that will grow, change and adapt as your child grows too, this is a revolutionary piece. The beautiful product has been made to support you and your baby through the beginning development stages and beyond. The reason parents love the Loop Large Baby Nest so much is because of its versatility to help little ones rest and entertain them as they grow!

“I absolutely love the Loop nest as it's so versatile and can be carried from one room into another easily. I use it everyday, Lyla loves it and it keeps her entertained for ages which allows me to get on with the housework. She is too small to sit for longer period so this is perfect for her.”

- Eniko

This transformative piece starts as a baby rocker for little ones to relax in and is perfect for when parents and guardians need to do tasks when they can’t hold their children. When their little ones become more interested and intrigued with the world it becomes a wonderful and interactive baby gym. Once they’ve reached their first year, it can then be used as a balance board for many years to practice their crucial motor skills! There truly is nothing else like it!

baby in nest

  1. Baby Rocker 

    The Loop Large Baby Nest begins as a baby rocker for newborns. It has beautifully soft foam walls and a thick mattress made from 100% cotton. The concave wooden base supports your baby whilst they rest by perfectly fitting comfortably the contours of your baby’s back. This wooden base can also be gently rocked back and forth to bring comfort and harmony to these peaceful moments. There is also a buckled section to secure your baby whilst they use the baby rocker.

  2. Baby Gym

    As you see your little one develop and begin to engage with the world around them you’ll want to start offering them something to investigate whilst they lay in the baby rocker. This is when the Loop Large Baby Nest transforms into a baby gym. The useful carry handle becomes the place to hang interactive pieces for ultimate enjoyment. Whilst they lay and rest or rock, these beautifully illustrated animals hang above them and sway. They can reach for them and be extra amused by these coloured additions to their safe place. These added sensory pieces create the perfect entertainment centre. One contains a rustling sound and the other a bell to engage all your little one’s senses!

  3. Balance Board

    When your little one has grown even more and is showing interest in movement and working on developing their motor skills, the baby gym can transform into a balance board. By removing the mattress that they have found comfort in and the toy arch that they have played with, you’re left with the curved balance board. This is another fun activity where your little one can have hours of playtime. They can make up little games, play with friends and enjoy showing off their skills to you, family and other friends too. The balance board is ultimately a great choice for encouraging the development of balancing skills. As a crucial life skill, this fun style of learning will keep them happy and entertained!

    balancing on board

  4. Following your child’s development

    The reason that this piece is so loved by parents is for its transformational qualities that follow the development of their little one. This isn’t a piece that they’ll grow out of but will contribute to how they strongly develop both sensory and motor skills at their own pace. The supportive structure that this piece brings is both physical and metaphorical. It not only cradles your little one when they’re at their smallest and most delicate but also supports them as they grow and start building and developing their skills. A piece that parents truly see the benefit of!

  5. Made to last

    Mamatoyz takes great pride in producing quality products for children that are made to last and are sourced from environmentally-friendly materials too. However, like other pieces in the collection, the Loop Large Baby Nest isn’t just made out of high-quality materials that will last but are designed so that you and your child can enjoy the benefits of them lasting too! Parent’s adore that this won’t be something that they move on during the beginning stages but something they’ll graciously promote to a new owner and who knows how many little ones will have the opportunity to enjoy this - maybe it will even be a generational pass down!


If you’re looking for an exceptional gift or something truly magical and useful for you and your little one, then look no further than the Loop Large Baby Nest. It has many benefits for both you and your baby. It provides a safe place for your little one to be placed when you can’t hold them. It becomes a sensory play area when they need stimulation and eventually turns into their favourite toy to play on when it’s a balance board. For hours and years of fun, the Loop Large Baby Nest will be with you every step of the way on your and your little one’s journey of growth!