10 reasons you need the Mamatoyz Medium Masa Desk

We’re nearing the end of January, but that doesn't mean our positivity for New Year’s resolutions has gone away. One of our favourite tools for promoting a healthy outlook and positive habit building is the Medium Masa Desk and Bench. This specific design has some crucially useful elements that are great for children and parents alike. Here are our top 10 reasons why you need the Medium Masa Desk and Bench:

  1. Table Top and Seat in One!

    We love to encourage independence in little ones and allow them to explore their imaginations on their own to learn important skills. The Medium Masa Desk and Bench is connected which means that children have a stable platform to work from. No independent chairs that could topple over or movements that could trap fingers. Peace of mind for parents!

  2. Ergonomic for unleashing the inner artist 

    The designers of the Medium Masa Desk spent a great deal of time working out what the optimum positioning, size and placement of parts was for the best working space for young children. The design isn’t just pleasing to the eye but it's curves are safe and ergonomic to make it super comfortable. 

  3. Integrated Paper Roll 

    Unlike traditional styled desks, the Medium Masa Desk has an integrated paper roll. This size spans the whole desk for any new artist to really get into their creation. It’s perfect for being incredibly expressive with so much room to get creative and minimises mess for parents. Once a design has been made a responsible adult can cut it off to be placed in the home or a child can pull more paper to keep their creativity going. An unlimited amount of room to create!

  4. Made from Wood

    As with all Mamatoyz’, the desk and bench are made from sustainable materials. This wooden design is beautifully finished with non-toxic, water-based paints for that extra special look. The paper roll is also fully recyclable once scribbled all over. This design is made to last, to be passed on from sibling to sibling, friend to friend or even generation to generation! 

  5. Stylish for modern homes

    When being designed, another important process was ensuring this piece would compliment any home. This piece is one that parents like to have available for their children at any point that they might want to get creative, make a piece of art or start their next novel, therefore it needed to look amazing in any room at all times The minimalist shape with gentle curves is understated and feels fresh in a space without being overpowering. 

  6. Providing a personal space

    One of our favourite things about using this piece is that it creates a personal space for a little one. They are gifted somewhere just for them to do their very own thing, promoting responsibility and independence. This allows a special engagement between themselves and what they might be working along with and provides them with a special place to learn new skills and grow. 

  7. Learning from following

    With a series of lockdowns behind us and a lot of working from home, many children have had the opportunity to see their parents at work. New imaginative roleplay has emerged of children creating at-home offices just like parents and guardians did during the height of the pandemic. Some have chosen to continue working from home and inspired children want to copy! Learning by following is a great way of experiencing new problem-solving skills as well as opening the imagination to so many other opportunities.

  8. Motivation and focus

    No matter what task they might be undertaking, it can be hard for children to focus. Providing a special space just for them changes the dynamic and builds a healthy habit of ‘working’. They can use this space for specific activities that require more focus than others and therefore they form the habit that being in this space is a place for quiet focus and reflection. Similarly, having this dedicated space creates a sense of motivation. When they want to do something specific that involves this, it brings a sense of excitement to use the desk resulting in a type of motivation. This inspirational space will be where they want to be!

  9. Encouraging responsibility 

    This desk becomes a space that is their very own. They have to look after it and keep it tidy to be able to enjoy making new things and exploring their creative imagination. Responsibility is a key part of little ones learning what they are best at. By giving them something to be responsible for you’ll be able to notice the things they take the most pride in and begin to see where their passion lies. 

  10. Perfect for tabletop games and activities

    For younger children who aren’t working on homework pieces, the Medium Masa Desk is an ideal place for little games and activities to start building healthy habits early on. It’s also a great place to set them up if you need to work on a quiet task yourself. From colouring to puzzles to 3D games and other sensory activities, the space provides them somewhere they can be at their own level without worry. 


We love the Medium Masa Desk & Bench for so many reasons especially for the amount of work that has gone into the design to help provide a space for developing crucial life skills for your little one. The flawless design is an asset to any home because of its fabulous look and the important habits it helps create.