10 Parenting Hacks for a stress-free life

Is it true that each year that goes by, being a parent never becomes any easier, or is it that we don’t believe we can love our little ones any more than we already do and then we do each year and that makes it harder?

There’s something ultimately stressful about being responsible for a little one. Someone who relies on you for everything needs your full attention and you have such an incredible attachment to. However, there is no other way that we would have it. These children mean the world to us even if they can make things a bit more stressful at times. Once we've been through the moments of being able to hold their own heads up and they start crawling and trying to form words, we’re then suddenly thrown into a new part of parenting. A new type of protecting, nurturing and learning. With this sometimes comes a little bit more stress, so we’ve put together our top 10 parenting hacks to help you come back to a place of calm where you can enjoy every second of your little one’s development!

  1. Your own mindfulness

    If you’re already stressed, then adding on external sources of stress is a recipe for disaster. Making time to ensure you’re in the best frame of mind will ultimately be the best and most valuable choice. You can then come from a place of being grounded to not be affected by the things that could stress you out!

  2. Make time to plan

    Making time to plan as well can make a huge difference. Outline what needs to be done or who needs to be where takes these things off of your mind and can be formatted in a way to keep things stress-free. 

  3. Mess-free = Stress-free

    It can be truly elevating to change a space and redecorate but it can be just as therapeutic to cleanse the space. Removing unwanted items or just the things that aren’t in their right place can make a space feel fresher and lighter. This also removes these things from being stresses on your mind to giving your mind more space too. 

  4. Toy rotation

    Children need stimulation and often a lot of it, both physical and mental. We love gifting our children things that they can enjoy, but we want to increase the longevity of the item. Toy rotation is a great way to reduce the stress of having to keep coming up with new ideas for keeping little one’s entertained. Once a week, once a fortnight, once a month, a change of toys from set A to set B can take the pressure off you. Your little one will be excited every time you do this!

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  5. Create set-in-routines

    Building healthy habits at a young age is something we all strive for our little ones, considering how helpful it will be for their future. Creating these routines now won’t just benefit them, but will also help us relieve unwanted stresses. As they grow we can trust them to manage smaller tasks on their own building their independence but also giving us peace of mind that we’ve laid the groundwork for this. 

  6. Set priorities

    There is only a certain amount of productive hours in a day, we’re only human. Being human also mean we will try to cram as many things that ‘need’ to be done as possible into those hours and beat ourselves up afterwards for not completing them adding unnecessary stress. By working out our priorities we can highlight the most important tasks and not overload ourselves with things to do but still have a sense of achievement at the end of the day. 

  7. Connect and share with others

    You’re not alone. There are a lot of parents around and there are a lot of parents who feel stressed too. They might have different stresses to you but they understand the difficulty of trying to parent when feeling stressed. Try reaching out and talking about it. The moment of relief when you know you are not alone is incredible. 

    If you don’t know where or who to reach out to, come and find us on Instagram, @mamatoyz_uk. We have a wonderful community of parents sharing various parts of their lives and they’re all super supportive!

  8. Take a break

    If stress is taking over, nothing is going to continue for you in a happy way. Take a moment, take a break, do something to come back at the things that are stressing you out in a new way. 

  9. Identify the most stressful moments

    If you find that stress is constantly cropping up, take the time to identify what the problems are. What is it that is making you stressed? What can you remove to take this stress away? What can you actively do to make a difference so it doesn’t come back? By essentially dropping everything to make this change, you’re looking at a much happier, healthier and more fulfilled time.

  10. Pat yourself on the back 

    Give yourself the credit you deserve. Parenting isn’t easy. It can get stressful at times, but once you’ve conquered it, don’t forget to acknowledge that you’ve achieved this!


You’re supporting the physical, emotional, social, and intellectual development of a child from infancy all the way until they’re an adult. It will be stressful, but with a couple of things put in place, we hope that you can have a little more stress-free time.